Brad Wildes Doubles Up for UMA Mod Crown

Brad Wildes Doubles Up for UMA Mod Crown

Wisconsin Dells WI 9/11/21-Brad Wildes of Tomah WI went all out to capture his first ever UMA Asphalt Modified Title Saturday night at Dells Raceway Park by winning his second feature event of the year and capturing the division title. Wildes came into the night in a close point battle with Salem WI driver Dave Edwards and there was no room for error. As the A-Main event presented by Kalahari Resorts rolled out for the final points race of the year Wildes held a 4 point lead over Edwards at the start of the event. Both drivers were on a mission as they both worked their way thru the field and found themselves out front by mid-race to battle for the win. Wildes got to the point first and led with Edwards shadowing his every move, but Wildes wound not be denied as he took home the win and the championship over Edwards by just 6 points in the final standings. Brett Wachowiacz (Milwaukee WI) would finish third with Cole Howard (Baraboo WI ) fourth and Bill Tandetzke (Milwaukee WI) would round out the top five. Bill Prietzel mad his return with a new Mod after destroying his car at Slinger Speedway and won the Diamond Wheels Fast Dash, Larry DeVito of Camp Douglas would pick up the Blystone Towing Heat and Steven Schulz was fastest in qualifying.

Results for 9/11/2021 at Dells Raceway Park - Wisconsin Dells, WI
UMA Asphalt Mods 16 Entries
A Feature 1 25 Laps | Kalahari Resorts
1. 55W-Brad Wildes[10]; 2. 5E-Dave Edwards[11]; 3. 7W-Brett Wachowiacz[1]; 4. 52H-Cole Howard[4]; 5. 11T-Bill Tandetzke[2]; 6. 45S-Steven Schulz[12]; 7. 3S-Denny Schott[7]; 8. 54O-Justin Okruhlica[9]; 9. 50M-Brian Muick[8]; 10. 1P-Bill Prietzel[5]; 11. 26S-David Swanson[3]; 12. 19D-Larry DeVito[14]; 13. 5S-Kevin Seidler[15]; 14. 18D-Rick Devito[13]; 15. 2M-Scott Mahlum[16]; 16. 25H-Dan Howard[6]

Dash 8 Laps | Diamond Wheels
1. 1P-Bill Prietzel[1]; 2. 3S-Denny Schott[3]; 3. 5E-Dave Edwards[7]; 4. 54O-Justin Okruhlica[5]; 5. 55W-Brad Wildes[6]; 6. 45S-Steven Schulz[8]; 7. 25H-Dan Howard[2]; 8. 50M-Brian Muick[4]

Heat 8 Laps | Blystone Towing & Recovery
1. 19D-Larry DeVito[3]; 2. 52H-Cole Howard[8]; 3. 7W-Brett Wachowiacz[5]; 4. 11T-Bill Tandetzke[6]; 5. 5S-Kevin Seidler[2]; 6. 18D-Rick Devito[4]; 7. 2M-Scott Mahlum[1]; 8. 26S-David Swanson[7]

Qualifying 3 Laps | Blystone Towing & Recovery
1. 45S-Steven Schulz

Point Standings Final
UMA Asphalt Mods 2021 - Dells Raceway Park Schedule
Pos # Competitor Hometown Points
1 55W Wildes, Brad Tomah, WI 969
2 5E Edwards, Dave Salem, WI 963
3 11T Tandetzke, Bill Milwaukee, WI 844
4 95B Blystone, Jerry Portage, WI 843
5 25H Howard, Dan Baraboo, WI 812
6 7W Wachowiacz, Brett Milwaukee, WI 775
7 26S Swanson, David Reedsburg, WI 753
8 1P Prietzel, Bill Richfield, WI 739
9 5S Seidler, Kevin Kendall, WI 604
10 50M Muick, Brian Freeport, IL 585
11 16J Clossey, Joel Beloit, WI 569
12 54O Okruhlica, Justin Jackson, WI 528
13 18D Devito, Rick Camp Douglas, WI 522
14 3S Schott, Denny Mauston, WI 502
15 19D DeVito, Larry Camp Douglas, WI 489
16 100SSwanson, Tristan Elko, MN 454
17 45S Schulz, Steven Waukesha, WI 335
18 52H Howard, Cole Baraboo, WI 266
19 5M Moberly, Russ West Bend, WI 263
20 20D DeVito, Antonio Neceduh, WI 216
21 01B Benn, Carl LISBON, WI 156
22 81K Syer-Keske, Bryan Lakeville, MN 118
23 100MMarthaler, Aaron Glenwood, MN 110
24 2S Schott, William Camp Douglas, WI 98
25 18Q Quinnell, Nick Arkdale, WI 81
26 100WMarthaler, Weston Glenwood, MN 80
27 16M Clossey, Matthew Beloit, WI 74
28 2M Mahlum, Scott La Crosse, WI 72

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