Majeski's Magic Continues at Dairyland 100

Majeski's Magic Continues at Dairyland 100

Wisconsin Dells WI 6/5/21-Ty Majeski cast his spell over the field Saturday Night at Dells Raceway Park and took the lead from Luke Fenhaus at the midway point of the Dairyland 100 to capture his first win of the season in the Alive for 5 Series. Pole sitter Gabe Sommers and Dalton Zehr brought the 24 car field to green for the Dairyland 100 and it was Zehr claiming the lead on the start with Sommer in tow. As Zehr was out front it was Icebreaker 100 winner Luke Fenhaus who broke from the pack and took the point from Zehr by the quarter mark of the race. Fenhaus looked unbeatable out front and in command until the mid-point of the race when Majeski's patience paid off and took over the top spot. Majeski would hold the point for the rest of the way with Sommers making a late race come back to finish second, Defending Alive for 5 Series Champion Casey Johnson would finish third while Zehr slipped past a fading Fenhaus to get back to fourth and Fenhaus rounded out the top five. Fenhaus still finds himself on top of the Alive for 5 Series Point Standings hold a slim 6 point margin over Casey Johnson. Earlier in the evening it was Rich Bickle fastest in qualifying with a mark of 13.221 89.857 topping the 31 car field only to have mechanical failure ruin his night in the feature event. Qualifing Heat Winners were John DeAngelis Jr and Jordan Devoy, Odd Dash winner was Gabe Sommers, earning himslef the pole for the Dairyland 100, Dalton Zehr was the even dash winner. B-Main event winner was Jordan Thiel earing his way into the Dairyland 100. Next Event for the Alive for 5 Series will be June 26th for the Trickle 99 and FIREWORKS EXTRAVAGANZA hope you can join us at your very own Dells Raceway Park.
Results for 6/5/2021 at Dells Raceway Park - Wisconsin Dells, WI
Super Late Models 31 Entries
A Feature 1 100 Laps | Dairyland 100

  1. 91M-Ty Majeski[10]; 2. 15S-Gabe Sommers[1]; 3. 5J-Casey Johnson[7]; 4. 119-Dalton Zehr[2]; 5. 4F-Luke Fenhaus[4]; 6. 7D-John DeAngelis Jr[17]; 7. 78H-Skylar Holzhausen[5]; 8. 25S-Jeff Storm[9]; 9. 44M-Justin Mondeik[23]; 10. 11K-Bobby Kendall[18]; 11. 80F-Ryan Farrell[8]; 12. 38D-Jordan DeVoy[19]; 13. 31J-Corey Jankowski[22]; 14. 97S-James Swan[24]; 15. 36F-Dan Fredrickson[13]; 16. 14N-Austin Nason[3]; 17. 99Z-Jake Zellmer[20]; 18. 77S-Riley Stenjem[14]; 19. 17G-Grant Griesbach[6]; 20. 45B-Rich Bickle[15]; 21. 70B-Brady Bill[16]; 22. 2T-Jordan Thiel[21]; 23. 44L-Mike Lichtfeld[12]; 24. 19L-Luke Hoffman[11]

B Feature 1 15 Laps | Ho-Chunk Gaming Wisc Dells

  1. 2T-Jordan Thiel[4]; 2. 31J-Corey Jankowski[1]; 3. 82M-Nathan Matz[6]; 4. 8W-Josh Wallace[5]; 5. 19H-Michael Haggar[8]; 6. 44M-Justin Mondeik[3]; 7. 33K-Kevin Knuese[9]; 8. 97S-James Swan[2]; 9. 34H-Brandon Hill[7]; 10. 40T-Curt Tillman[10]; 11. 16W-Luke Westenberg[11]

Qual Heat Odd 10 Laps | Ho Chunk Gaming Wisc Dells

  1. 7D-John DeAngelis Jr[2]; 2. 11K-Bobby Kendall[4]; 3. 31J-Corey Jankowski[6]; 4. 44M-Justin Mondeik[1]; 5. 8W-Josh Wallace[3]; 6. 34H-Brandon Hill[7]; 7. 33K-Kevin Knuese[5]; 8. 16W*-Luke Westenberg[8]

Qual Heat Even 10 Laps | Ho Chunk Gaming Wisc Dells

  1. 38D-Jordan DeVoy[2]; 2. 99Z-Jake Zellmer[4]; 3. 97S-James Swan[1]; 4. 2T-Jordan Thiel[5]; 5. 82M-Nathan Matz[3]; 6. 19H*-Michael Haggar[6]; 7. 40T-Curt Tillman[7]

Fast Heat Odd 10 Laps | Ho Chunk Gaming Wisc Dells

  1. 15S-Gabe Sommers[3]; 2. 14N-Austin Nason[1]; 3. 78H-Skylar Holzhausen[5]; 4. 5J-Casey Johnson[7]; 5. 25S-Jeff Storm[6]; 6. 19L*-Luke Hoffman[2]; 7. 36F-Dan Fredrickson[4]; 8. 45B-Rich Bickle[8]

Fast Heat Even 10 Laps | Ho Chunk Gaming Wisc Dells

  1. 119-Dalton Zehr[1]; 2. 4F-Luke Fenhaus[4]; 3. 17G-Grant Griesbach[2]; 4. 80F-Ryan Farrell[6]; 5. 91M-Ty Majeski[7]; 6. 44L-Mike Lichtfeld[8]; 7. 77S-Riley Stenjem[3]; 8. 70B*-Brady Bill[5]

Qualifying 1 3 Laps | Ho-Chunk Gaming Wisconsin Dells

  1. 45B-Rich Bickle[13]; 2. 44L-Mike Lichtfeld[25]; 3. 5J-Casey Johnson[22]; 4. 91M-Ty Majeski[29]; 5. 25S-Jeff Storm[31]; 6. 80F-Ryan Farrell[21]; 7. 78H-Skylar Holzhausen[18]; 8. 70B-Brady Bill[11]; 9. 36F-Dan Fredrickson[9]; 10. 4F-Luke Fenhaus[7]; 11. 15S-Gabe Sommers[12]; 12. 77S-Riley Stenjem[27]; 13. 19L-Luke Hoffman[14]; 14. 17G-Grant Griesbach[23]; 15. 14N-Austin Nason[30]; 16. 119-Dalton Zehr[4]; 17. 44M-Justin Mondeik[28]; 18. 97S-James Swan[26]; 19. 7D-John DeAngelis Jr[6]; 20. 38D-Jordan DeVoy[24]; 21. 8W-Josh Wallace[10]; 22. 82M-Nathan Matz[15]; 23. 11K-Bobby Kendall[2]; 24. 99Z-Jake Zellmer[20]; 25. 33K-Kevin Knuese[16]; 26. 2T-Jordan Thiel[17]; 27. 31J-Corey Jankowski[5]; 28. 19H-Michael Haggar[3]; 29. 34H-Brandon Hill[19]; 30. 40T-Curt Tillman[1]; 31. 16W-Luke Westenberg[8]

Points Alive for 5 Series 2 Events as of 6/5/2021
Super Late Models 2021 - Dells Raceway Park Schedule
Pos # Competitor Points
1 4F@# Fenhaus, Luke 202
2 5J@ Johnson, Casey 196
3 25S@ Storm, Jeff 192
4 7D@ DeAngelis, John Jr 188
5 91M@# Majeski, Ty 187
6 38D@ DeVoy, Jordan 178
7 119@ Zehr, Dalton 172
8 44M@ Mondeik, Justin 170
9 36F@ Fredrickson, Dan 168
10 45B@ Bickle, Rich 161
11 15S@ Sommers, Gabe 158
12 78H@ Holzhausen, Skylar 155
13 80F@ Farrell, Ryan 153
14 11K@ Kendall, Bobby 142
15 2T@ Thiel, Jordan 142
16 17G@ Griesbach, Grant 140
17 14N@ Nason, Austin 132
18 70B*@ Bill, Brady 132
19 97S@ Swan, James 124
20 44L@ Lichtfeld, Mike 121
21 99Z@ Zellmer, Jake 118
22 31J@ Jankowski, Corey 118
23 19H*@ Haggar, Michael 118
24 19L*@ Hoffman, Luke 96
25 21L Love, Jesse 94
26 33K@ Knuese, Kevin 92
27 34H@ Hill, Brandon 86
28 2B Bilderback, Michael 76
29 16W*@ Westenberg, Luke 74
30 17K Kahler, Max 71
31 77S Stenjem, Riley 66
32 42P Prunty, Dennis 64
33 8M Mohn, Billy 54
34 82M Matz, Nathan 50
35 52S Strelka, Brent 48
36 8W Wallace, Josh 48
37 2N Nottestad, Dale 46
38 25B* Borntreger, Mahlon 46
39 52R Roehl, Nick 44
40 232 Marshall, Myles 44
41 49M Mueller, Jerry 40
42 91T* Thomas, Cole 38
43 50S Stenson, Hunter 38
44 37M Meyerhofer, Mike 36
45 12M Murgic, Nick 36
46 40T Tillman, Curt 36

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