WIS. DELLS, WI 5/30/20 - Although a bit later than anticipated, the Central Wisconsin Racing Association, Cedar Creek Rustic Village, as presented by Bentley Trucking Stars to Legends Tour season opened here Saturday night at Dells Raceway Park, Wis. Dells, WI., with two drivers familiar with victory lane taking the two Lyle Nabbefeldt Memorial race Feature event wins.
Jesse Bernhagen, Markesan, WI., and Harley Jankowski, Sparta, WI., each found themselves in victory lane after 35 laps of main event competition, kicking off the 2020 season for both CWRA and the Dells track.
The first 35 lap affair found defending CWRA Champion, Jeff Weinfurter, Wis. Rapids, WI., starting from the pole position, where he immediately assumed the early lead. Up and coming racer, Hunter Stenson, Wis. Dells, WI., moved into second spot and began putting the pressure on veteran Weinfurter. Before things could get settled in, a spin by another new to CWRA racer, Allen Borntreger, Hillsboro, WI., brought a halt to action with the caution flag waving on lap 3. With the ensuing double file restart, Weinfurter again paced the field, but Stenson was determined and took the first position on lap 8. Stenson built a slight cushion while Bernhagen worked his way through the field from his 9th starting spot. Bernhagen was up to 5th by the 13th lap and continued to make his way to the front. Fourth became his on lap 18 as he closed on Mark Mackesy, Wausau, WI., who was in 3rd. Meanwhile, Borntreger was on the move rocketing into the top 5 by lap 12. He wasted no time in getting the next 4 spots as he motored by Stenson for the lead on lap 25. Bernhagen moved up to challenge, but Borntreger began to pull away. Unexpectedly, with a 6 car length lead, Borntreger spun, all by himself, relinquishing the lead to Bernhagen. That was all she wrote for the balance of the field, as Bernhagen extended his lead taking the checkered flag by a comfortable margin. The former CWRA Rookie of the Year Honoree, and main event winner, became the first such winner in 2020 in CWRA competition. Following Bernhagen at the stripe was Paul Paine, Mound, MN., in a sold run, Bentley Trucking Fast Qualifier, Mark Eswein, Wis., Rapids, WI., Stenson, Mackesy and Weinfurter your top 6.
The 2nd 35 lap affair found Curt Tillman, Rockton, IL., on the pole. He grabbed the initial lead, but Harley Jankowski was right there, taking the top spot on the 3rd go round. Weinfurter was looking to win his first ever main event at the Dells track, moving from the 5th starting position into the lead on lap 9. A caution flag waved however, negating the lead change, and the Double file restart found he and Jankowski side by side at the drop of the green flag. Newcomer to the Tour, John Beale, Verona, WI., moved into 3rd position looking for an opening with Weinfurter and Jankowski continuing to race side by side. That battle continued for the next 20 laps with it appearing Weinfurter had the edge heading into the last two laps. A last lap burst of speed, however from Jankowski in the outside groove, propelled him into the lead by two feet at the checkered flag, in one of the closest, most exciting finishes fans on hand could remember. The win in the prestigious Nabbefeldt event got Jankowski off on the right foot for 2020 where the driver is hoping to follow up his 2019 Rookie of the Year honor with a season championship. Following Jankowski at the finish was Weinfurter, still looking for his first Feature win here, Beale, Bernhagen, Paine and Eswein the top six.
A great crowd was on hand for the race, finally being able to get out after staying safer at home due to the Covid 19 virus.
Next up for the CWRA Stars to Legends Tour, will be racing at State Park Speedway, Wausau, WI., Thursday night, June 4th. Another stout field of CWRA Cedar Creek Village, as presented by Bentley Trucking Super Late Models is expected to compete in the two Feature format show.


35 lap Feature one 1. Jesse Bernhagen, Markesan, WI.,, 2. Paul Paine, Mound, MN., 3. Mark Eswein, Wis. Rapids, WI., 4. Hunter Stenson, Wis. Dells, WI., 5. Mark Mackesy, Wausau, WI., 6. Jeff Weinfurter, Wis. Rapids, WI., 7. John Beale, Verona, WI., 8. Harley Jankowski, Sparta, WI., 9. Brett Breitenfeldt, Wausau, WI.,10. Curt Tillman, Rockton, IL., 11. Putch Bentley, Iron River, MI., 12. Dillon Mackesy, Athens, WI., 13. Corey Jankowski, Tomah, WI., 14. Allen Borntreger, Hillsboro, WI., 15. Monte Gress, Neillsville, WI., 16. Darek Gress, Neillsville, WI., 17. Dave Satorius, Appleton, WI., 18. Mike Sievers, Wis. Rapids, WI., 19. Steve Lichtfeld, Portage, WI., 20. Darren Jackson, Wis. Rapids, WI., DNS.

35 Lap Feature two 1. H. Jankowski, 2. Weinfurter, 3. Beale, 4. Bernhagen, 5. Paine, 6. Eswein, 7. Borntreger, 8. Stenson, 9.. M. Mackesy, 10. C. Jankowski, 11. Breitenfeldt, 12. Bentley, 13. Tillman, 14. M. Gress, 15. D Mackesy, DNS, 16. D. Gress, DNS, 17. Satorius, DNS, 18. Sievers, DNS, 19. Lichtfeld, DNS, 20. Jackson, DNS.

Group Qualifying 1. Eswein
CWRA Stars to Legends Tour point standings as of 5/30/20

  1. #28 Jesse Bernhagen, Markesan, WI., 92
  2. #27 Paul Paine, Mound, MN.,. 86
  3. #8 Harley Jankowski, Sparta, WI. 84
  4. #71 Mark Eswein, Wis. Rapids, WI., 82
  5. #5 John Beale, Verona, WI., 80
  6. #50 Hunter Stenson, Wis. Dells, WI., WI., 76
  7. #3 Jeff Weinfurter, Wis. Rapids, WI., 74
  8. #12 Mark Mackesy Wausau, WI., 72
  9. #25 Allen Bontreger, Hillsboro, WI., 62
  10. #14 Brett Breitenfeldt, Wausau, WI., 61
  11. #31 Corey Jankowski, Tomah, WI., 57
  12. #Putch Bentley, Iron River, MI., 57
  13. #40 Curt Tillman, Rockton, WI., 57
  14. #107.5M Monte Gress, Neillsville, WI., 51
  15. #93 Dillon Mackesy, Athens, WI., 28
    16 #107.5D Darek Gress, Neillsville, WI., 24
    17.#93 Dave Satorius, Appleton, WI., 23
  16. #6 Mike Sievers, Wis. Rapids, WI., 22
  17. #32 Mike Lichtfeld, Portage, WI., 21
  18. #2 Darren Jackson, Wis. Rapids, WI., 0

Guralski Hold for Hartwig for Dells Bandolero Win

Wisc Dells WI 5/30/20 Jevin Guralski held off a constant challenge from fast qualifier Alex Hartwig to take home the INEX Bandolero Win Saturday Night at Dells Raceway Park in the Nabbefeldt Memorial, Laney Osborne came home in third while Anna Malouf & Coleon Pennel rounded out the top five. In earlier action heat winners were Tucker Bodendoffar, Josiah Kottschade & Jevin Guralski. Fast Qualifier Hartwig 16.722 71.044 mph

Tim Brockhouse Wins INEX Legend Dells Opener

Wisc Dells WI 5/30/20: Tim Brockhouse of Shakopee MN took home the Win in the Dells Raceway Park Nabbefeldt Memorial for the INEX Legends Saturday Night over fellow Minnesota driver Austin Jahr, Local driver Dillon Schwanbeck of Poynette WI came home in third place with James Lynch of Palos Park, IL & Atkins, IA driver Kevin Korsmo rounding out the top five. Jahr was the evenings fast qualifier 15.568 76.310mph, Tony Moyer of Allenton, WI and David McCalla of Cedar Rapids, IA took home the Freds Fastrac heat wins while James Lynch pick up his first win of the season in the Fred Moyer Memorial Dash presented by Fred's Fastrac of Fond Du Lac.

Results for 5/30/2020 at Dells Raceway Park
Legends 24 Entries
A Feature 1 20 Laps | Nabbefeldt Memorial

  1. 13B-Tim Brockhouse[9]; 2. 47J-Austin Jahr[10]; 3. 27S-Dillon Schwanbeck[4]; 4. 76L-Lynch James[3]; 5. 52KE-Kevin Korsmo[6]; 6. 11M-Jessie Mohoney[21]; 7. 57S-Mike Storkson[11]; 8.43A -Bruce Allen [13]; 9. 90G-Michael Guderski[19]; 10. 52KA-Kacey Korsmo[15]; 11. 18B-Amanda Brockhouse[17]; 12. 91S-Tristan Swanson[7]; 13. 140-Aaron Moyer[8]; 14. 41M-Tony Moyer[23]; 15. 41F-Jasen Freeman[24]; 16. 54S-Kenny Storkson[22]; 17. 43S-William Sawalich [12]; 18. 64M-Griffin McGrath[1]; 19. 3MC-David McCalla[16]; 20. 7K-Theodore Kottschade[20]; 21. 4KC-Christopher Konop[18]; 22. 100M-Aaron Marthaler[2]; 23. 99O-Aaron Olson[5]; 24. 22B-Frank Beutel[14]

Heat 1 8 Laps | Freds Fastrac

  1. 41M-Tony Moyer[2]; 2. 54S-Kenny Storkson[3]; 3. 11M-Jessie Mohoney[4]; 4. 7K-Theodore Kottschade[5]; 5. 90G-Michael Guderski[6]; 6. 41F-Jasen Freeman[1]; 7. 18B-Amanda Brockhouse[8]; 8. 4KC-Christopher Konop[7]

Heat 2 8 Laps | Fresds Fast Trac

  1. 3MC-David McCalla[1]; 2. 22B-Frank Beutel[3]; 3. 43S-William Sawalich[4]; 4. 52KA-Kacey Korsmo[2]; 5. 100M-Aaron Marthaler[8]; 6. 57S-Mike Storkson[6]; 7. 43A-Bruce Allen[5]; 8. 64M-Griffin McGrath[7]

Fred Moyer Memorial Fast Dash Presented by Freds Fastrac

  1. James Lynch 2. Aaron Olson 3.Dillon Schwanbeck 4. Kevin Korsmo 5. Tim Brockhouse 6. Aaron Moyer 7. Tristan Swanson 8. Austin Jahr

Qualifying 1 1 Laps | Freds Fastrac

  1. 47J-Austin Jahr[7]; 2. 13B-Tim Brockhouse[4]; 3. 140-Aaron Moyer[18]; 4. 91S-Tristan Swanson[24]; 5. 52KE-Kevin Korsmo[12]; 6. 99O-Aaron Olson[20]; 7. 27S-Dillon Schwanbeck[21]; 8. 76L-Lynch James[9]; 9. 100M-Aaron Marthaler[14]; 10. 64M-Griffin McGrath[16]; 11. 57S-Mike Storkson[23]; 12. 43A-Bruce Allen[1]; 13. 43S-William Sawalich[8]; 14. 22B-Frank Beutel[2]; 15. 52KA-Kacey Korsmo[11]; 16. 3MC-David McCalla[15]; 17. 18B-Amanda Brockhouse[3]; 18. 4KC-Christopher Konop[10]; 19. 90G-Michael Guderski[6]; 20. 7K-Theodore Kottschade[13]; 21. 11M-Jessie Mohoney[17]; 22. 54S-Kenny Storkson[22]; 23. 41M-Tony Moyer[19]; 24. 41F-Jasen Freeman[5]

Dusty Mann Take Dells Sportsman Nabbefeldt Main

Wisc Dells WI 5/30/20-Dusty Mann of Farmington MN took top honors in the sportsman division by holding off Cashton WI driver Chris Weber for the 25 lap Nabbefeldt Memorial.David Bontreger came home in third with Jeff Thompson & Brandon Birdsill rounding out the top five. Scott Luck of North Freedom WI was the evenings fast qualifier with a time of 14.719 80.712mph while Brandon Herb of Marion IA won the heat & Dusty Mann also won the
fast dash.

Media Results for 5/30/2020 at Dells Raceway Park
Sportsman 12 Entries
A Feature 1 25 Laps | Performance Parts Supply

  1. 10M-Dusty Mann[5]; 2. 97W-Chris Weber[7]; 3. 09B-David Borntreger[8]; 4. 03T-Jeffrey Thompson[6]; 5. 23B-Brandon Birdsill[9]; 6. 12L-Scott Luck[10]; 7. 5G-Kevin Gilding[4]; 8. 4M-Christopher McQuality[2]; 9. 68B-Brad Brandt[11]; 10. 12H-Brandon Herb[1]; 11. 5M-Abe Miller[3]; 12. 21S-William Schott[12]

Sportsman Dash: 1. Dusty Mann 2. Chris Weber 3. Brandon Birdsill 4. David Borntreger 5. Jeff Thompson 6. Scott Luck

Heat 1 8 Laps | Incredible Cars

  1. 12H-Brandon Herb[3]; 2. 5M-Abe Miller[5]; 3. 4M-Christopher McQuality[4]; 4. 5G-Kevin Gilding[6]; 5. 68B-Brad Brandt[2]; 6. 21S-William Schott[1]

Qualifying 1 1 Laps | Incredible Cars

  1. 12L-Scott Luck[6]; 2. 23B-Brandon Birdsill[1]; 3. 09B-David Borntreger[2]; 4. 97W-Chris Weber[12]; 5. 03T-Jeffrey Thompson[11]; 6. 10M-Dusty Mann[7]; 7. 5G-Kevin Gilding[4]; 8. 5M-Abe Miller[9]; 9. 4M-Christopher McQuality[8]; 10. 12H-Brandon Herb[5]; 11. 68B-Brad Brandt[3]; 12. 21S-William Schott[10]

Sandholm Wins Dells Nabbefeldt Mod Main

Wisc Dells WI 5/30/20-Mike Sandholm Mike Sandholm from Oconomowoc WI pick up his first win of the year at Dells Raceway Park Saturday Night by hold off fast qualifier James Swan Genoa City, WI in the closing laps, Denny Schott of Mauston WI came home in third while Brad Wildes of Tomah was fourth & Portage WI driver Jerry Blystone rounded out the top five. Bill Tandetzke of Milwaukee WI won the Diamond Wheels Fast Dash and Tyler Sauter was victorious in the heat race. Fast Qualifier James Swan 14.403 82.483mph

Media Results for 5/30/2020 at Dells Raceway Park
UMA Asphalt Mods 15 Entries
A Feature 1 25 Laps | Nabbefeldt Memorial

  1. 6S-Mike Sandholm[1]; 2. 97S-James Swan[10]; 3. 3S-Denny Schott[3]; 4. 55W-Brad Wildes[4]; 5. 95B-Jerry Blystone[8]; 6. 34P-Matthew Pate[6]; 7. 54O-Justin Okruhlica[9]; 8. 11T-Bill Tandetzke[5]; 9. 50M-Brian Muick[12]; 10. 52H-Cole Howard[11]; 11. 26S-David Swanson[13]; 12. 78S-Tyler Sauter[2]; 13. 14R-Andy Raley[14]; 14. 1P-Bill Prietzel[7]

Diamond Wheel Fast Dash: 1. Bill Tandetzke 2.Matt Pate 3. Bill Prietzel 4.James Swan 5.Jerry Blystone 6.Justin Okruhlica

Heat 1 8 Laps | Diamond Wheels

  1. 78S-Tyler Sauter[6]; 2. 50M-Brian Muick[3]; 3. 55W-Brad Wildes[8]; 4. 52H-Cole Howard[4]; 5. 3S-Denny Schott[7]; 6. 6S-Mike Sandholm[5]; 7. 26S-David Swanson[2]; 8. 14R-Andy Raley[1]

Qualifying 1 1 Laps | Diamond Wheels

  1. 97S-James Swan[15]; 2. 54O-Justin Okruhlica[2]; 3. 95B-Jerry Blystone[11]; 4. 1P-Bill Prietzel[3]; 5. 34P-Matthew Pate[13]; 6. 11T-Bill Tandetzke[8]; 7. 55W-Brad Wildes[10]; 8. 3S-Denny Schott[6]; 9. 78S-Tyler Sauter[5]; 10. 6S-Mike Sandholm[14]; 11. 52H-Cole Howard[1]; 12. 50M-Brian Muick[12]; 13. 26S-David Swanson[7]; 14. 14R-Andy Raley[4]; 15. 7W-Brett Wachowiacz[9]
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