Wisconsin Dells WI 8/13/22-Edgerton’s Casey Johnson collected the checkered flag in the Alive For Five Super Late Model contest Presented by Lube USA Saturday night at DRP. Chris Weinkauf and Casey Johnson brought a star studded 26 car field to the green for the 75 lap main event. Chris Weinkauf jumped out to the early lead with Jordan DeVoy in tow, the two would battle for many laps before DeVoy would take the advantage. Johnson who fell back on the initial start would rejoin the fight as he was joined by Austin Nason in the pursuit for the point. A three car battle for the top spot as Fast Qualifier Gabe Sommers, Ryan Farrell and Jacob Nottestad climbed their way into the fight. Eventually Nason was able to wrestle the top spot away from DeVoy with Johnson following him through. As they have done for most of their careers the 5 and 14 would go to battle for control of the Badger State Event. Johnson would take the lead but would be aggressively under fire from Nason. In a race that had its fair share of yellow flags the most significant would come when the 14 of Nason would look to Johnson’s inside into turn one the leaders would make contact with Nason’s right front tire seeing the worst of it as it blew and sent him hard into the turn one wall. That would leave Johnson at the point to fight off Ryan Farrell, Gabe Sommers among others. Johnson would be up to the task as he would not relinquish the lead again as he powered to a convincing victory and collect the $5000 winners check while giving his winning interview on the front stretch under a persistent August mist. Johnson was followed to the line by Gabe Sommers, Mike Lichtfeld, Chris Weinkauf and Justin Mondeik. Gabe Sommers would power to the Wehr’s Machine and racing products fast time with a lap of 13.187.

Results for 8/13/2022 at Dells Raceway Park - Wisconsin Dells, WI
Super Late Models Alive for 5 Series Badger State Event
A Feature | Lube USA

  1. 5J-Casey Johnson[2]; 2. 15S-Gabe Sommers[7]; 3. 44L-Mike Lichtfeld[5]; 4. 75W-Chris Weinkauf[1]; 5. 44M-Justin Mondeik[13]; 6. 77S-Riley Stenjem[9]; 7. 33H-Matthew Henderson[22]; 8. 17K-Max Kahler[16]; 9. 70B-Brady Bill[19]; 10. 5E-Noah Eisenhower[23]; 11. 2B-Michael Bilderback[17]; 12. 38D-Jordan DeVoy[3]; 13. 7S-Tyler Sauter[21]; 14. 100S-Tristan Swanson[14]; 15. 95J-Harley Jankowski[25]; 16. 80F-Ryan Farrell[6]; 17. 23L-Levon VanDerGeest[10]; 18. 32B-Jesse Bernhagen[18]; 19. 40T-Curt Tillman[26]; 20. 56G-Kole Guralski[11]; 21. 14N-Austin Nason[4]; 22. 97N-Jacob Nottestad[8]; 23. 25S-Jeff Storm[12]; 24. 79P-Barret Polhemus[15]; 25. 2T-Jordan Thiel[24]; 26. 16W-Luke Westenberg[20]

Qualifying 3 Laps | Wehrs Machine & Racing Products

  1. 15S-Gabe Sommers[25]; 2. 80F-Ryan Farrell[10]; 3. 44L-Mike Lichtfeld[19]; 4. 14N-Austin Nason[23]; 5. 38D-Jordan DeVoy[15]; 6. 5J-Casey Johnson[24]; 7. 75W-Chris Weinkauf[7]; 8. 97N-Jacob Nottestad[8]; 9. 77S-Riley Stenjem[11]; 10. 23L-Levon VanDerGeest[6]; 11. 56G-Kole Guralski[16]; 12. 25S-Jeff Storm[22]; 13. 44M-Justin Mondeik[18]; 14. 100S-Tristan Swanson[20]; 15. 79P-Barret Polhemus[4]; 16. 17K-Max Kahler[26]; 17. 2B-Michael Bilderback[9]; 18. 32B-Jesse Bernhagen[17]; 19. 70B-Brady Bill[12]; 20. 16W-Luke Westenberg[3]; 21. 7S-Tyler Sauter[2]; 22. 33H-Matthew Henderson[21]; 23. 5E-Noah Eisenhower[5]; 24. 2T-Jordan Thiel[14]; 25. 95J-Harley Jankowski[13]; 26. 40T-Curt Tillman[1]

Point Standings as of 8/13/2022 Alive for 5 Series
Super Late Models 2022 - Dells Raceway Park Schedule
Pos # Competitor Hometown Points
1 15S Sommers, Gabe Plover, WI 189
2 38D DeVoy, Jordan Lake Geneva, WI 181
3 5J Johnson, Casey Edgerton, WI 159
4 14N Nason, Austin Roscoe, IL 156
5 44L Lichtfeld, Mike Pardeeville, WI 155
6 25S Storm, Jeff East Troy, WI 147
7 70B Bill, Brady Reedsburg, WI 146
8 44M Mondeik, Justin Merrill, WI 139
9 80F Farrell, Ryan Big Bend, WI 139
10 2B Bilderback, Michael Rockford, IL 138
11 100S* Swanson, Tristan Elko, MN 134
12 2T Thiel, Jordan Appleton, WI 132
13 17K Kahler, Max Caledonia, IL 132
14 32B* Bernhagen, Jesse Willard, WI 130
15 33H* Henderson, Matthew Coon Valley, WI 126
16 95J Jankowski, Harley Sparta, WI 124
17 56G* Guralski, Kole Wausau, WI 118
18 23L VanDerGeest, Levon Merrill, WI 111
19 36F Fredrickson, Dan Northfield, MN 97
20 9K Kraus, Derek Stratford, WI 95
21 40T Tillman, Curt Rockton, IL 94
22 75W Weinkauf, Chris Merrill, WI 92
23 7D DeAngelis, John Jr Hubertus, WI 86
24 77S Stenjem, Riley Stoughton, WI 86
25 11K Kendall, Bobby Montello, WI 80
26 47B Bennett, Braison Neenah, WI 78
27 16W Westenberg, Luke Jefferson, WI 77
28 5E Eisenhower, Noah Freeport, IL 76
29 21L Love, Jesse Redwood City, CA 76
30 72G Goede, Jacob Carver, MN 74
31 7S Sauter, Tyler Necedah, WI 70
32 5B Beale, John Verona, WI 61
33 97N Nottestad, Jacob Stoughton, WI 56
34 79P Polhemus, Barret Wimberly, TX 51
35 34H Hill, Brandon Woodstock, IL 50
36 31J Jankowski, Corey Tomah, WI 50
37 100M*Marthaler, Aaron Glenwood, MN 46
38 91T Thomas, Cole Franklin, WI 42
39 00P Pulera, Chris Burlington, WI 40
40 2N Nottestad, Dale Cambridge, WI 38
41 49M Mueller, Jerry Richfield, WI 34
42 24O Olson, Jim Harvard, IL 32
43 22G Gajewski, M.G Wausau, WI 30
44 87M Edmunds, Brent Monticello, WI 0

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