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It Was the Labor Day of Doom Weekend at DRP
A smashing and crashing weekend at Dells Raceway Park. The Labor Day of Doom was meant to be on Sunday, but cars were being destroyed on Saturday as the points battles tighten up.

The Pure Stock division started the feature runs. Becky Grabarski (13) and Jeff Burrows(29) led the group to the green flag. Burrows worked by Grabarski to take the early lead. Travis Hancock(62) and Jim Robinson(81) gave pursuit to hunt down the leader, as Grabarski fell back in the pack. Burrows car looked unstoppable out front, but Hancock was closing in fast. Travis would look inside, then check the outside line to find the best spot to pass. Nobody knew it until after the race, that the 29 of Burrows had the power steering quit working. The laps wound down quickly and Hancock finally spotted a slip by Burrows. Jeff tried to muscle his car to the finish, but that slip allowed Hancock to shoot by and take the checkered flag. Jeff Burrows did hang on for second place with Jim Robinson a very close third.

The Bandit division was up next for their feature run. Dan Bagley(49) and Dan Snyder(51) brought the group up to speed. Synder took the early lead with Jim Lapp(96) and Brandon Junget (99) ready to work around Bagley. Junget moved up, but Lapp and Bagley tangled and brought out the caution flag. Lapp would be done and Bagley would have to move back in the pack. Brandon Junget would get the lead from Synder and end up facing a challenge from his brother James(27). It looked like the Civil War, on the track, as it was brother against brother. Brandon put up a great fight, but James would end up on top. Working his way from the near rear of the field was Steven Rozek(27), he was following Dillon Hammond(75) and John Handeland(19) towards the front. Ali Pennel(29) had her car in second place, but could feel the heat coming from Handeland and Synder. Rozek worked by Synder for fourth and could do no better as the race was winding down. Ali Pennel gave her car everything it could muster to hold off John Handeland. At the checkered flag, James Junget gets the feature trophy, John Handeland is second, and Ali Pennel drove a terrific race to complete the top three drivers in the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane.
Time for the Sportsman feature. Kevin Gilding(5) and Sandy Cook(11) bring the pack around to the green flag. The two leaders are quickly replaced by Ron Grabarski(04). Ron pulls away from the rest of the field, letting them fight for the scraps. Daron Fish(36) and Scott Luck(12) weaved their way through the field getting ever closer to the front. Fish was on the bumper of Grabarski as the race progressed, but Grabarski was trying to hold his line. Fish had noticed Grabarski a bit high coming out of the corners that was like fresh bait to Fish. He struck and went to the front. Grabarski next found Scott Luck's Charger at his bumper. Luck was needing a little luck to get by a now very stubborn Grabarski. At the checkered flag, Daron Fish crossed the line first, with Ron Grabarski second and Scott Luck completing the top three in the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane.

The season will probably end for a few drivers in Late Model feature. Doom being the operative word in Labor Day of Doom. The race started with Mike Ehde(18) and Larry Schotten(31) working on each other for the lead. John DeAngelis Jr.(7) worked up to Ehde's side as Schotten fell back. A lot of bumping and rubbing going on back in the pack would eventually spell trouble. Haley Kapp got tangled up with someone and to the back of the pack they went. This reporter noticed displeasure between Corey Jankowski(31) and Kelsey Schultz(31). Kelsey nudged Corey for not picking a lane, then it was Corey's turn to get a little retribution. This went on until the Schultz car went for a slide down the front straight. They end up going to the back of the pack with hot tempers. John DeAngelis Jr. continued to show the way to the checkered flag. He was not going to be at the track for the championship finale, and would really like to cap off his season with a feature win. Johnny "D" was hitting his marks as Nick Nolden(67) quietly worked his way to the DeAngelis bumper. Rich Schumann Jr. had struggled with is backup car to climb to fourth. Michael Clapper(15)looked solid in third. DeAngelis held his own as the laps counted down, but he may have looked in his mirror once too often as Nolden was waiting for a mistake to be made. Nolden saw a wiggle in Johnny "D's" car and struck like a viper to shoot past. Michael Clapper tried to hang on for third, as the laps counted down, but Rich Schumann Jr. found a hole to nose through. At the checkered flag, Nick Nolden hoisted his sixth feature trophy. John DeAngelis Jr. Drove his heart out for a second place finish, and Rich Schumann Jr kept in the hunt for the championship with a third place run. Right after the leaders crossed the line, cars slammed the front straight wall, throwing sparks and smoke, and parts over the track. Larry Schotten's car was missing pieces as the tail of his car pointed to the infield wall. Michael Ehde was involved, but was able to head for the pits. Jim Bates got swallowed up in the mess as he slid down sideways to the turn one wall. The tempers were hot and revenge could be a factor in the next running.

Don't miss next Saturday, September 7th,for the Season Championships! The point's battle has really tightened up and driver's tempers are on a razor's edge. All divisions will scrap it out for every precious point! Gates open and 4, qualifying will start at 5, and green flag racing will start at 7.

Nick Nolden won the 40 Late Model Feature Saturday night @ Dells Rackway Park. Daron Fish was victorious in the Sportsman Feature. James Junget won the Bandit Feature, and Travis Hancock won the Pure Stock A-Main. A Big Thank You & to all the fans that came out!

Dells Raceway Park Results 8-31-2013

Late Model- 40 Lap Feature Results 1-Nick Nolden 2-John DeAngelis Jr. 3-Rich Schuman Jr. 4-Michael Clapper 5-Shane Poehnelt 6-Michael Sauter 7-Brian Hakala 8-Shane Morrisey 9-Mike Ehde 10-Morgan Schissel 11-Jim Bates 12-Larry Schotten 13-Haliey Kapp 14-John Wood 15-Kelsey Schultz 16-Cory Jankowski 17-Ken Jacoby 18-Dan Wickstrum

Dash - Brian Hakala

Heat Winners- 1st Heat- Shane Morrisey 2nd Heat - Rich Schuman Jr.

Fast Qualifier- Nick Nolden 14.290 (83.974 mph)

Bandits -

Feature Results- 1-James Junget 2-John Handlen 3-Alli Pennel 4-Steven Rosek 5-Dan Snyder 6-Dillon Hammond 7-Dave Trau Jr. 8-Andrew Portzen 9-Cody Paul 10-Ed Klug 11-Arch Preston 12-Dan Bagley 13-Brandon Junget 14-Dennis Delany 15-Colton Morgan 16-John Preston 17-Jesse Johnson 18-Jim Lapp

Semi-Feature- 1-Andrew Portzen 2-John Preston 3-Dennis Delany 4-Colton Morgan 5-Riley Zilmer 6-Jeremy Simmons 7-Jim Walker 8-Josh Mazur 9-Dave Lembke 10-Chevy Schauf 11-Haley Fassett 12-Harold Brunk

Heat Winners - 1st Heat - Jim Walker / 2nd Heat - Dennis Delany / 3rd Heat -Alli Pennel

Fast Qualifier- Dillon Hammond 16.960 (70.754 mph)


Feature Results- 1-Daron Fish 2-Ron Grabarski 3-Scott Luck 4-Doug Paul 5-Jerry Junget 6-Clifton Sauey 7-Mitch Lyden 8-Brandon Birdsill 9-Sandy Cook 10-Kevin Gilding 11-Chad Agnew

Heat Winners 1st-Kevin Gilding 2nd-Daron Fish

Fast Qualifier - Doug Paul 15.246 (78.708 mph)

Pure Stock-

Feature Results 1-Travis Hancock 2-Jeff Burrows 3-Jim Robinson 4-Becky Grabarski 5-Adam Maneham

Heat Winner- Travis Hancock

Fast Qualifier Travis Hancock 15.790 (75.997 mph)

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