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Qualifying 5:15pm
Racing 7pm

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A Sweet Night of Racing at DRP with the Habelman Bros Cranberry 100
A perfect night for racing at Dells Raceway Park on Saturday, August 17th, with race fans coming in droves to watch the Super Late Models show their power. A new track record for the Super Lates was set by Travis Sauter. Travis turned the oval in 13.108 seconds, beating out the previous mark set by Dalton Zehr with his 13.115.

The Pure Stocks started the feature portion of the night as Kody Menehan (00) and Chris Weber (97) led the field to the green flag. Kody quickly fell back, letting Dean Pennel (29) move in behind Weber for second place. Jay Potter (33) and Jimmy Robinson (81) were coming on hard to close on the leader. Pennel quickly worked by a very stubborn Chris Weber to take command of the race. Jay Potter, and Jimmy Robinson were next finally get by Weber. Potter stayed side by side with Pennel, with Jimmy Robinson right there to pounce at the first chance, when a mistake would be made. Potter falls back on the outside line making way for Robinson to scoot up. Travis Hancock (62) also took advantage of Potter's misfortune and moved to third. Hancock and Robinson started to work on each other for second, which gave Pennel all the room he needed. to cross the finish line first. Jimmy Robinson held off his team mate Travis Hancock to complete the top three in the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane.

It was anybody's game in the Bandit feature. Andrew Portzen (43) had Cody Paul (26) by his side as they came to the drop of the green flag. Portzen and Paul see-sawed for the lead with Portzen having the edge and Cody Paul coming right back at him. Dave Treau Sr. (14) was behind the leaders waiting his chance to move, but he had Eddie Klug(241) right at his door handles. A few tight pack laps and it was Treau's car that finally yielded as he went for a spin in the three-four corners. Racing quickly resumed with Portzen maintaining the number one spot. This reporter was watching the back of the pack as Steven Rozek (6), Dillon Hammond (75), and John Handeland (19) were quietly moving ever closer towards the front. Andrew Portzen looked as if he had this race in the bag as he fought off Ed Klug (241, John Preston (32), Dave Treau Jr.(17). James Junget (27) finally worked past Portzen. Arch Preston got tangled up with someone and out came the caution. Junget now found Steven Rozek and Dylan Hammond ready to strike at the drop of the green flag. Portzen was left to try and fend off John Handelalnd. Dillon Hammond worked to the side of Junget and Steven Rozek was looking to make a sandwich as he was peeking in between the front runners. Rozek makes his move and creates the Rozek sandwich going into the one-two corners. There couldn't have been a frog's hair between the cars as they came out of the corners. Hammond was a touch to high and about to slip on the marbles, so he flinched and Rozek shot past Junget for the lead. Hammond fought back to battle with Junget as they came to the white flag lap. At the checkered flag, Steven Rozek wins his fourth feature of the season. James Junget fought off a very quick Dillon Hammond as the drivers made their way to the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane.

The Sportsman feature run was next for race fans. Ron Grabarski (04) quickly pulled away from Kevin Gilding (5) to take command of this race. First time runner, Pat Featherston (71), was happy to fill the void left by the fading Gilding. Sandy Cook (61) kept her machine glued to the inside line as she duked it out with Featherston. The more they battled the further away Grabarski was getting. Jeff Nehrkorn (61,) who always seems to be in the thick of the front runners, was poised to strike at the first chance of Cook and Featherstons mistake. The flagman, Arne Thompson, noticed a piece of debris on the racing surface. Before he could drop the caution flag, Brandon Birdsill (23) popped a tire. As the caution slowed the field the leader, Ron Grabarski, had one of his tires go down. Off to the pit he went leaving Sandy Cook to take over first place duties. Sandy had been struggling all season with her cars handling, but it seemed to be hooking up just right for this race. As racing resumed, this reporter noticed that quick qualifier, Dave Trute (21), had a very severe tire rub and it was getting worse as he gave his machine everything it worth to get to the front. Back at the front, Sandy Cook found a very determined Mike Winters (77) trying to work by. Jeff Nehrkorn was right there as well, hoping to take advantage of any mistakes. Sandy Cook kept a steady run on the inside line. Taking her corners deep and then poring the coal to the engine when she came out of the turns. The guys tried, but Sandy Cook finally gets her feature win after about a ten or twelve year dry spell. Mike Winters gave a hard fought battle, but had to settle for second, with Jeff Nehrkorn getting his second back to back third place finish.

It was a war of attrition for the Habelman Bros 100 lap Super Late Model feature. Kelsey Bauer (7) and making his farewell tour run, Rich Bickle(45) led the field to the green flag. Bickle quickly took the lead with Kelsey left to fend for herself. Bobby Wilberg (28) came up to take over Kelsey's spot and close on Bickle. Things started out smooth as the drivers were in for the long haul. The long haul came to a very short run as Mike Bilderback(2) had an oil line let loose. This caused cars to slip and slide all over the three-four corners. This would be the first of many cautions that would finally eliminate about seven cars and heavily damage about that many more. The safety crew laid down the oil dry and the drivers worked into the racing surface. This gave Mike Bilderback all the time he needed to tighten that leaking oil line and get back to racing. The race continued with Bickle showing the way. This reporter couldn't keep track of all the cautions that followed, as drivers like Kelsey Bauer, Landry Potter (57), Chris Wimmer (52), Kenny Reiser(2), all ended their night of racing by being towed or creeping back to the pits. New track recorder holder, Travis Sauter(5) took over the top spot from Bickle after one the caution interruptions. Bickle was feeling the pressure of "Rocket Man" Dan Lensing (19). Lensing watched as Bickle would get high coming out of the corners. Dan's car was quick enough to finally work his nose inside of Bickle. The two drivers got together coming out of turn two and around they went. Lensing tapped on the roof of his car, signaling to the officials, that the incident was his fault and they should give Bickle his spot back. Dan then fell to the tail end of the pack, but Bickle was nowhere to be found. He took to the pits and was never to return on the night. That was now five drivers out of the race. Sauter was keeping his car clean as he enjoyed sitting up front. Away he goes at the green leaving everyone else to fend for themselves. Josh Wallace (8) kept a steady run going for second place as he was challenged by Bobby Wilberg (28) and Brian Johnson Jr. (17). Another caution had Jesse Pokszyk (2) sticking the nose of his machine in the driver's window of Tim Lampman's car coming out of turn four. After a several minute delay to try and separate the cars. This reporter did not see what happened, but Cardell Potter (58) was not happy about an incident that happened between Brian Johnson Jr. and himself. Apparently Johnson was given his spot back, and Potter had to move to the back of the pack. Potter then staged a sit in on the start finish line as he was repeatedly told to get to the back of the pack. Dan Lensing had another dent in his machine and off to the pits he went being finished for the night. Potter was another driver that added to the count that was not going to complete the race. When it was all sorted out, Travis Sauter would be unstoppable up front. Josh Wallace kept himself in the mix, as the battle was now for second place. Out of nowhere, like a ghost in the night, Michael Bilderback was back and ready to battle Wallace for second. Wallace now had Brian Johnson Jr. and his ill handling car to contend with. It was a long race and a ton of damage to a lot of machinery and ego's, but in the end Travis Sauter with his Habelman Bros. sponsored car, took the feature trophy home. Michael Bilderback drove his heart out from what could have been a devastating mechanical mishap to finish in second. Brian Johnson Jr. persevered to grab third from Josh Wallace as they made their way to the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane.

You want more heart pounding action? Make your way back to Dells Raceway Park next Saturday, August 24th, for the Late Models, Sportsman, Pure Stocks, and Bandits. The Allison Legacy cars will also be back to add to the excitement. The gates open at 4, qualifying begins at 5, and green flag racing will start at 7pm. Dells Raceway Park is located five miles north of Wisconsin Dells, on highways 12/16, exit 85 off I 90/94. For more info go to dellsracewaypark.com, and don't forget to "Like" them on Facebook.

Habelman Cranberry 100 Super Late Model Feature Winner & New Track Record Holder was Travis Sauter. Sandy Cook was the winner in the 25 lap Sportsman Feature. Dean Pennel was your Feature winner in the Pure Stocks. Bandit Semi was won by Dan Bagley & Bandit Feature Winner was Steven Rosek. Thank You to all the fans that came out!

Dells Raceway Park Results 8-17-13

Super Late Model-

Habelman 100 Feature 1-Travis Sauter 2-Mike Bilderback 3-Brian Johnson Jr. 4-Josh Wallace 5-Bobby Wilberg 6-Cory Jankowski 7-Keith Tolf 8-Tim Lampman 9-James Swan 10-Mike Gunderson 11-Jesse Pokszyk 12-Bobby Kendall 13-Cordell Potter 14-Dan Lensing 15-Rick Bickle 16-Kenny Rieser 17-Chris Wimmer 18-Kelsey Bauer 19-Landry Potter

Dash#1-Odd Winner-Kelsey Bauer Dash #2-Even-Rich Bickle

Non Qualifier Race- 1-Landry Potter 2-Cory Jankowski 3-Tim Lampman 4-Mike Gunderson 5-Cole Yach 6-Keith Tolf 7-Jerry Blystone 8-Dale Schultz 9-Pete Carlson 10-Jeff Way

Semi-Feature- Keith Tolf

Fast Qualifier- Travis Sauter 13.108 NTR


Feature Results- 1-Sandy Cook 2-Mike Winters 3-Jeff Nehkorn 4-Jerry Junget 5-Clifton Sauey 6-Brad Hetzel 7-Brandon Birdsill 8-Dave Trute 9-Pat Featherston 10-Todd Ambrose 11-Kevin Gelding 12-Ron
Grabarski 13-Spencer Wilhelm 14-Darin Fish

Heat Winners- 1st Heat - Ron Grabarski / 2nd Heat -Darin Fish

Fast Qualifier - Dave Trute 15.296

Pure Stock-

Feature Results- 1-Dean Pennel 2-Jim Robinson 3-Travis Hancock 4-Chris Weber 5-Jay Potter 6-Becky Grabarski 7-Kody Menehan

Heat Winner- Dean Pennel

Fast Qualifier- Travis Hancock 15.881


Feature: 1-Steve Rosek 2-James Junget 3-Dylan Hammond 4-John Handlen 5-Andrew Portzen 6-Ed Klug 7-Jim Lapp 8-Alli Pennel 9-David Treu Jr. 10-Cody Paul 11-John Preston 12-Dan Bagley 13-Dennis Delaney 14-Dave Treu Sr. 15-Colton Morgan 16-Arch Preston 17-Dan Snyder 18-Adam Johnson

Semi Feature: 1-Dan Bagley 2-Dennis Delaney 3-Colton Morgan 4-Dan Snyder 5-Steve Morgan 6-Josh Mazur 7-Riley Zilmer 8-Kate Portzen 9-Chevy Schauf 10-Harold Brunk 11-Dave Lembke

Heat Winners Heat#1Riley Zilmer Heat#2-Andrew Portzen Heat#3-Arch Preston

Fast Qualifier: Dylan Hammond 16.979

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