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Qualifying 5:15pm
Racing 7pm

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This past Saturday, August 10th, was Kid's Night at Dells Raceway Park. After the Heat races and Semi-Features, those drivers that did not need repairs on their cars, came down trackside to meet and greet with all the kids, young and old alike. Some bicycles and a huge six foot Teddy Bear went home with some of the young fans. The kids also got to scramble around on the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane to find the thousands of pennies that were strewn about. After all the autographs were gathered it was time for feature racing.

The Legend cars were on hand for a special night. It was a qualifier for the big gathering at Lake Erie Speedway this coming September for the International Asphalt Nationals. The winner of this feature is put in the feature event at the Nationals. Jeff Lechnir (50) and Kyle Vergata (55) sat on the poles for the start of the race. Vergata (55) jumped to the early lead as Lechnir (50) fell back on the outside. Austin Kunert (29) and Todd Schmidtz (67) quickly moved on Vergata (55). Aaron Moyer (140) is always keeping his nose pointed to the front, seeking out the leader. Aaron was working through the field with Vince Bartolota (6) sticking like glue with him. Fans were also watching for quick qualifier Corey Talaska (16). Moyer(140) and Bartolota (6) seemed in command, but like magic, here comes Corey Talaska (16). Corey worked around Bartolota (6) and closed on Moyer (140). Talaska(16) has won five features this season, could he make an even half dozen? Talaska crept ever closer to leader, Moyer, then it was a side by side battle. Aaron Moyer always seemed to be the bridesmaid this season. He was hungry for the victory! Back and forth they went until Corey Talaska spotted Moyer going a touch high in the corner. Talaska struck like a viper and went on to win his sixth feature of the season and a chance to run up against some of the best in the nation this coming September. Aaron Moyer ran his heart out, again, to finish second. Always in the hunt and completing the top three drivers, was Vince Bartolota.

The Bandits were ready to rumble after the Legend feature. Ali Pennel(29) and Dennis Delaney (88) were the pole sitters for this one. The fans are enjoying this exciting group more and more. They're not afraid to try three wide passes, run through the grass, pretty much anything goes to better a position. Pennel and Delaney tried to keep the lead, but Gary Stark (35) and James Junget (27) had other ideas. Steve Rozek (6) is always a threat when he's near the front and he was coming hard. The guy that really surprised the fans was the Dillon Hammond (75). He somehow managed to sneak around the pack and magically appear at the front. Once Hammond shot by Stark and Rozek, he was GONE! Rozek and Stark were left to fight for scraps. Dillon Hammond had his machine dialed in perfectly as nobody, I mean nobody was going to spoil his night of fun. When it was all said and done Dillon Hammond gathered up the feature trophy with Gary Stark holding off Steven Rozek for second.

The Pure Stocks took to the track next. Becky Grabarski (13) Chris Weber (97) brought this race up to speed. Weber needed a lap or two to fend off Grabarski and assume the early lead. Mark Hohl (22), who had a short hiatus from racing, was back in form and heading towards the front. Jeff Burroughs (29) was working hard to get by the 97 of Weber. He finally succeeded and away he went. Travis (62) maneuvered his machine into second place with Jimmy Robinson (81) right behind him. Burroughs continued to show the way to checkered, but Travis was closing in. The laps wound down and Hancock was looking inside, then outside, hoping for a shot at taking the lead. With about four laps to go, Burroughs slipped coming out of turn four. That was all Hancock needed to shoot around Burroughs and go on to capture another feature trophy. Burroughs crossed the line second as he was fighting a very determined Jimmy Robinson, who crossed third.

The Sportsman division came out for their portion of show. Doug Paul (26) and Brandon Birdsill (23) brought the pack to the green flag. Both the pole sitters had come off recent feature wins and would like to have added to the trophy collection. Doug Paul took the early lead for this one. Birdsill, on the outside fell back and had to contend with Jeff Nehrkorn (61). Nehrkorn snatched second place looking to work on leader Paul. From the near end of the field came Mitch Lyden (21), Mike Winters (77), Randy Breunig (71), and they were running hard to get towards the front. Winters and Lyden got behind Nehrkorn first, but Rand Breunig was biding his time. A couple caution flags for debris and spinouts brought Breunig to the bumper of Nehrkorn. Doug Paul had to give up the top spot when Breunig worked the outside line to scoot by. Jeff Nehrkorn was next to follow suite, but Doug Paul wanted his number one position back. Breunig pulls away while Paul and Nehrkorn duke it out for second. At the checkered flag Randy Breunig is the winner. Doug Paul fought off the hard drivin' Jeff Nehrkorn to get a second place finish.

To wrap up the evenings events were the Late Models. Corey Jankowski (31) sat on the inside pole with the 31 of Kelsey Schultz on the outside line. Schultz tried to stay with Jankowski, but her machine did not care for that outside lane. As Kelsey falls back, Michael Sauter (5) and Brent Edmunds (87) moved on the leader. Michael Clapper (15) fresh off a feature win, the night before at Columbus 151, sat in fourth place with John DeAngelis Jr. (7) and Nick Nolden (67) all hoping to climb to the top spot. Back at the front, Jankowski had this one sewn up as he looked unstoppable. A horrendous crashed ripped the 2 car of Shayne Poehnelt. Pieces were scattered in the three-four corners. Shayne tried to limp his machine towards the pits, but she died on the front straight and needed the assistance of Blystone Towing and Recovery. The racing quickly resumed with Jankowski showing the way. Michael Clapper came knocking on the door as he started to work to the side of Jankowski. A very stubborn Jankowski held on for all he was worth, but Clapper proved to be a hair quicker and jumped to the lead. Jankowski now had his hands full with Nick Nolden. Nolden finally managed to slip by Jankowski and hunt down leader Michael Clapper. Clapper did not dare slip in the corners or over drive his car or he would have been doomed to finish second or worse. The driver hit his marks, the car never faltered, and Michael Clapper collects his feature win after a four year dry spell. I believe he was the first driver, in many years, to capture back to back feature wins at two different tracks in consecutive nights. Nick Nolden pulled into Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane as he finished second. Nolden pulled in so close to the driver's side of Clappers car there was barely enough for Clapper to breath. With mile wide smiles from both competitors the fans showed their appreciation, with a great round of applause for a hard fought battle.

Next Saturday, August 17th, race fans will see the power of the returning Super Late Model division. They will be joined by the Sportsman, Pure Stocks and the always exciting Bandits. Gather up the family and friends and enjoy an edge of the seat experience of Dells Raceway Park. Gates open at 4, qualifying at 5, and green flag racing at 7.

Michael Clapper won the 40 Late Model Feature Saturday night holding off a hard charging Nick Nolden & Corey Jankowski for the win, Shane Morrisey won the late model Semi-Feature. Cory Talaska won the Legends Feature. Randy Breunig was victorious over Doug Paul in the Sportsman Feature. Dillion Hammond won the Bandit Feature, and Andrew Portzen won the Bandit Semi-Feature Race. Travis Hancock won the Pure Stock Feature. A Big Thank You to all the fans & drivers that came out!

Dells Raceway Park Results 8-10-2013

Late Model- 40 Lap Feature Results 1-Michael Clapper 2-Nick Nolden 3-Corey Jansowski 4-Dan Lensing 5-Dave Trute 6-John DeAngelis Jr. 7-Brent Edmunds 8-Michael Sauter 9-Brian Hakala 10-Kelsey Schultz 11-Mike Ehde 12-Morgan Schissel 13-Shane Morrisey 14-Hailey Kapp 15-Larry Schotten 16-Shane Poehnelt 17-Austin Nason 18-Rich Schuman Jr.

Dash - Brent Edmunds

Heat Winners- 1st-Morrisey / 2nd- Mike Ehde

Fast Qualifier- Dan Lensing 14.359 (83.570 mph)

Legends- Feature Results- 1-Cory Talaska 2-Aaron Moyer 3-Vince Bartolota 4-Todd Schmidtz 5-Austin Kunert 6-Kyle Vergata 7-Matt Berlin 8-Shelby Berlin 9-Jeff Lechnir 10-Fred Hefti

Heat Winners- 1st Heat - Cory Talaska

Fast Qualifier - Cody Talaska 15.416 (77.840 mph) Clean Sweep

Bandits -Feature Results- 1-Dilloon Hammond 2-Gary Stark 3-Steven Rosek 4-John Handlen 5-Jesse Johnson 6-James Junget 7-Brandon Junget 8-Dennis Delaney 9-Jim Lapp 10-Arch Preston 11-Andrew Portzen 12-Dan Snyder 13-Riley Zilmer 14-Colton Morgan. 15-Dave Treau Jr. 16-Dan Bagley 17-Cody Paul 18-Alli Pennel

Semi-Feature- 1-Andrew Portzen 2-Jim Lapp 3-Dan Bagley 4-Cody Paul 5-Ed Klug 6-Katelyn Portzen 7-Dave Lembke 8-Chevy Schauf 9-Jim Walker

Heat Winners - 1st Heat - Cody Paul / 2nd Heat - Andrew Portzen / 3rd Heat - Gary Stark

Fast Qualifier- Dillon Hammond 16.875 (71.110 mph)

Sportsman- Feature Results-1-Randy Breunig 2-Doug Paul 3-Jeff Nehkorn 4-Daron Fish 5-Clifton Sauey 6-Scott Luck 7-Mitch Lyden 8-Spencer Wilhelm 9-Mike Winters 10-Ron Grabarski 11-Brandon Birdsill 12-John Coker 13-Sandy Cook

Heat Winners 1st-Ron Grabarski / 2nd-Daron Fish

Fast Qualifier - Randy Breunig 15.189 (79.004 mph)

Pure Stock- Feature Reults 1-Travis Hancock 2-Jeff Burrows 3-Jim Robinson 4-Becky Grabarski 5-Mark Hohl 6-Chris Weber 7-Kenneth Scott 8-Adam Manahan

Heat Winner -Travis Hancock

Fast Qualifier - Jim Robinson 15.879 (75.571 mph

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