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Racing 7pm

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A beautiful Saturday, Aug. 3rd, for racing at Dells Raceway Park. The Late Models, Sportsman, Bandits, and the American Super Cup cars put on the show for the race fans. The Kid's Club awarded numerous bikes to some of the young fans, during intermission, then it was off to feature racing!

The Super Cups were the first division out. It was Mick Ellis (31) and Brian Baldyga (4) leading this group to the green flag. Baldyga needed a lap to take command. Ellis was going to be busy fending off Erle Hoth (22) and quick qualifier Cody Erdmann (52). Baldyga was gaining huge ground over the rest of the pack when a caution flag slowed the field, for a spinning Erle Hoth. Racing quickly resumed with Baldyga feeling the pressure of Ellis and Erdmann. Erdmann worked around Ellis and started closing the gap on Baldyga. It was smooth sailing to the checkered flag for Cody Erdmann with Brian Baldyga second and Mick Ellis third. Kenny Jones (3) and David Cerer (7) completing the top five drivers.

Ready to steal the night away was the Bandit division. This group brought in 29 cars on the night. Steven Rozek (6) brought a new track to the division with 16.851 second turn of the oval and James Junget (27) and Dave Treau Sr. (14) brought the pack up to speed. Junget and Treau provided great side by side action early in the run. Junget finally prevailed to lead the field. With Treau on the outside, Jim Lapp (96) moved up to try his luck on leader Junget. Arch Preston (11) Dave Treau Jr. (17), and Brandon Junget (99) kept close to spot any openings that may appear. Jim Lapp went for a spin coming out of turn two, which brought out the caution. Cars scatter to avoid the incident. A little realignment and back to races we go. Junget had John Handeland (19) and quick qualifier Steven Rozek on his tail. Dillon Hammond (75) was not far behind as he closed in on the leaders. A slip by Junget let Handeland move to his side. It was a see-saw battle between Junget and Handeland, with Rozek looking to make it a three wide run to the checkered. The white flag signaled one more trip around. It was Handeland, Rozek and Junget. Coming out of turn four, a drag race to the finish! John Handeland gets his first feature win at Dells Raceway Park, as he pulls in to the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane. Steven Rozek had to settle for second, with James Junget adding to that thrilling finish, taking third.

The Sportsman feature brought a little controversy to the plate. Rick Coppernoll (7), back after a couple weeks off, returned to have the inside pole for the start of the race. He hung on for a few laps, with Jeff Nehrkorn (61) sticking like glue to his bumper. Jeff finally works around Coppernoll and quickly gained huge ground over the rest of the field. Nehrkorn looked like it would be an easy victory, as he had about a half track lead. The only thing that could ruin it would be a caution flag. Guess what? A caution flag brought the field right to Nehrkorn's back bumper after a Scott Luck (12) spin. Clifton Sauey (24) moved up to challenge Jeff Nehrkorn. Nehrkorn, however, was relentless in his pursuit for victory. Mike Winters (77) was next to work to the side of Nehrkorn. Back and forth they went, with Winters getting a slight edge, then Nehrkorn fighting back to the lead. The controversy started after Chris Weber (81) blew oil all around the racing surface. A stop in the action for a messy cleanup, then a few laps to work in the oil dry. When the line up came, so did some confusion. Mike Winters was given the lead, not Jeff Nehrkorn. When the transponder computer was checked it showed that Winters, did indeed have the edge before the caution, by about two one-thousandths of a second. This reporter thought Nehrkorn did have a frog's hair lead as they crossed the start-finish line on
the previously completed lap. It may have been the placement of the transponder that made the difference. When racing resumed, Winters tried pulling away from Nehrkorn, but Jeff stuck like glue trying to regain his former position. Jeff now had quick qualifier Dave Trute (21) to contend with as the laps counted down. At the finish line, Mike "Hollywood" Winters captures the feature trophy, Jeff Nehrkorn does take second, reluctantly, and Dave Trute completed the top three drivers in the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane.

No controversy in the Late Model feature, just great edge-of-the-seat racing. Brian Hakala (42) and Jesse Bernhagen (28)) had the pole positions for the start of this one. Hack gets the early lead, as they get underway. Bernhagen stuck by Hakala, but the outside line would not let Jesse stay there. He falls back, making way for John DeAngelis Jr. (7) and Rich Schumann Jr. (55) to move up. A caution flag flies as Haley Kapp (32) and Kelsey Schultz (31) get together. Brian Hakala quickly pulls away as racing resumed. Brent Edmunds (87) worked around Johnny "D" to close on second place runner, Schumann. Corey Jankowski was zig-zagging his way through the pack and found himself closing on the front four. Following behind Jankowski was the 67 of Nick Nolden. Hakala continued to show the way as Schumann gets passed by Jankowski. John DeAngelis Jr. falls back while running that outside line, but keeps his car in the hunt. Jankowski starts to use his chrome horn to try and make Hakala move out of the way. "Hack" seemed to be perturbed as he did a slight brake check. That maneuver allowed Nick Nolden to advance to the rear of Hakala's car. Into the one-two corners go Hack and Nolden. Nolden dives in a little too low only to bounce off the rumble strip and knock on the rear quarter of Hack's machine. Hakala recovers and has Jankowski back at his bumper again. The laps count down as Jankowski keeps pecking away at Hakala. Rich Schumann Jr. is patiently waiting for those two guys to knock each other off the track, but it doesn't happen as Brian "The Hack" Hakala gets his first ever feature win at Dells Raceway Park. Corey Jankowski gave it a valiant try but comes home second. Rich Schumann Jr. stayed in the hunt as he completed the top three drivers in the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane.

To close out the night, the Bandit Challenge Race. They had five drivers line up but two cars had problems with ignition and ended up being pushed from the racing surface. This left Andrew Portzen (43), Dave Lembke (06), and Rowdy Riley Zillmer (65) to run the challenge. A rolling start and Portzen leads the way to the infield, where the drivers circle around a huge end loader tire and make their way back to the start finish line. Portzen, who has won every challenge so far this year, continued to show his dominance in this race. He made it look easy as he once again crossed the finish line first to take the Challenge Series trophy home.

Next Saturday, August 10th is Kid's Club Night. There will be all kinds of fun stuff for kids including the "Penny Scramble"! The Late Models, Sportsman, Pure Stocks, Bandits, and the Legend cars return for more great racing action. For more information go to dellsracewaypark.com.

Brian Hakala won his First ever 40 Late Model Feature Saturday night holding off a hard charging Corey Jankowski for the win. Cody Erdmann from Mayville WI won the Super Cup Feature. Mike Winters was victorious over Jeff Nehkorn in the Sportsman Feature. John Handlen held off New Track Record holder Steven Rosek to win the Bandit Feature, and Andrew Portzen won the Bandit Challenge Race. A Big Thank You & to all the fans that came out!

Dells Raceway Park Results 8-03-2013

Late Model- 40 Lap Feature Results 1-Brian Hakala 2-Corey Jankowski 3-Rch Schuman Jr. 4-Nick Nolden 5-John DeAngelis Jr. 6-Jesse Bernhagen 7-Brent Edmunds 8-Shane Poehnelt 9-Michael Clapper 10-Michael Sauter 11-Larry Schotten 12-Morgan Schissel 13-Kelsey Schultz 14-Hailey Kapp 15-Brad Muller

Dash - Hailey Kapp

Heat Winners- 1st-Corey Jankowski

Fast Qualifier- Nick Nolden 14.359 (83.570 mph)

Super Cup- Feature Results- 1-Cody Erdmann 2-Brian Baldyga 3-Mick Ellis 4-Ken Jones 5-David Cerer 6-Andy Forster 7-Greg Davis 8-Derek LeGros 9-Earl Hoth 10-Nick Legros 11-Speedy Lemons 12-Mike Frdricks

Heat Winners- 1st Heat - Brian Baldyga / 2nd Ken Jones

Fast Qualifier - Cody Erdmann 17.093 (70.203 mph)

Bandits -

Feature Results- 1-John Handlen 2-Steven Rosek 3-James Junget 4-Dillon Hammond 5-Brandon Jungett 6-Arch Preston 7-Ed Klug 8-Dan Snyder 9-Dave Treau Sr. 10-Alli Pennel 11-Dennis Delany 12-Jim Lapp 13-Dave Treau Jr 14-Dan Bagley 15-Cody Paul 16-Andrew Portzen 17-Colton Morgan 18-Jim Walker

Semi-Feature- 1-Dan Bagley 2-Andrew Portzen 3-Jim Walker 4-Colton Morgan 5-John Preston 6-Josh Mazur 7-Riley Zilmer 8-Tim Finstad 9-Ren Revels 10-Dave Lembke 11-Katelyn Portzen 12-Chevy Schauf 13-Harold Brunk 14-Justin Angell 15-Tim Zillmer

Heat Winners - 1st Heat - Katelyn Portzen / 2nd Heat - Jim Walker / 3rd Heat - James Junget

Bandit Challenge Race - 1-Andrew Portzen 2-Dave Lembke 3-Tim Zilmer

Fast Qualifier- Steven Rosek 16.851 NTR (71.212 mph)


Feature Results- Mike Winters 2-Jeff Nehkorn 3-Dave Trute 4-Daron Fish 5-Spencer Wilhelm 6-Jerry Junget 7-Doug Paul 8-Brandon Birdsill 9-Rick Coppernoll 10-Scott Luck 11-Ron Grabarski 12-Kevin
Gelding 13-Clifton Sauey 14-Chris Weber

Heat Winners 1st-Ron Grabarski 2nd-Clifton Sauey

Fast Qualifier - Dave Trute 15.276 (78.554 mph

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