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Qualifying 5:15pm
Racing 7pm

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A cool night for racing at Dells Raceway Park this past Saturday night, July 27th. It felt more like a Fall night than Summer, with temperatures falling into the 40's. Speaking of 40's, how about 50's, how about 60's and 70's, well that's what race fans watched for part of the night with the Tibor Machine Vintage Series. Sixteen of these classic machines showing their stuff to the appreciative fans.

The Late Model division was about to finish the qualifying when showers started to put a damper on the festivities. The officials decided, in the interest of time, to line the Late Model Heats and Feature according to point averages .

The Legend cars lined up their feature run with Matt Berlin (16) and Jeff Lechnir (50 leading the way to the green flag. It's always a scramble when this division takes to the track. Lechnir took the early lead, then Vince Bartolota (6) shot to the top spot a lap later. The drivers to keep an eye on were Aaron Moyer and Cory Talaska. They stuck together like glue as they worked towards the front. Austin Kunert (29) was closing on Bartolota when he slipped ever so slightly coming out of the one-two corners. That's all Moyer and Talaska needed to close on Bartolota. Vince fought a valiant battle fending off the two challengers, but relinquished as the race wore on. Talaska, who set fast time and won the heat race, was hunting for the clean sweep with a feature win. Aaron Moyer had plans to make sure that didn't happen. Moyer closed on the leader and did get by his side, but, it was not meant to be as Cory Talaska collected his fifth feature trophy of the season. Aaron Moyer gave it a good try but had to settle for second. Vince Bartolota completed the top three drivers.

The Tibor Machine Vintage Series took to the track next. They stopped on the front straight looking like gleaming warriors from the past. Chevelles, Nova's, Oldsmobiles, Dodges, and even the movie car "Doc's" Hudson Hornet. An intro of all the drivers and some of their accomplishments and off the feature run. The father-son duo of John Kettle in his 50 Olds and Bill Kettle in his 55 Chevy lead the pack to the green flag. Bill Kettle snapped up the early lead as John fell back on the outside line. Ron Wilson and his 57 Chevy closed quickly on Kettle and needed a couple laps to finally work by. In the middle of the pack was Frank Slabenek with his 66 Chevelle. He came pounding through the pack moving everyone out of the way. This reporter thought this was going to be an exhibition race, but found out they were out for blood. Slabenek ended up spinning out, on the front straight, his front bumper dangling. He got himself back in line, but was shown the black to get off the racing surface. That front bumper would have ripped up more cars the way it was positioned. He refused to pull off after three attempts of the black flag, then it was president Art Fehrman who walked onto the track a stood his ground in front of the oncoming Slabenek. An exchange of pleasantries, and Slabenek made his way to the pits. The leader Ron Wilson now had Pat Heaney and his 67 Chevelle stuck like glue in second place. The 48 Chevy of Brad Carson worked up to the bumper of Heaney. The green flag waved and the horsepower kicked in once again. Heaney looked inside, then outside to work around Wilson. As the laps counted down, Heaney finally spotted an opening and shot by the leader Wilson. Wilson now had the 48 Chev of Carson trying to move him out of the way. When the checkered flag waved it was Pat Heaney, from Greenfield, taking his 67 Chevelle to the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane.

The Pure Stocks feature saw Becky Grabarski (13) and Travis Hancock (62) lead the group to the green flag. Hancock quickly took the lead. Jeff Burroughs (29), last week's feature winner, moved into second as Grabarski fell back. Dave Trute (81) was looking inside and out as he wanted to get by Burroughs. Jeff gave him the outside and Dave started to go by. The two drivers came into the one-two corners, with Trute having a slight edge over Burroughs. Burroughs snapped a brake line and smacked the rear quarter panel of Trute's car. It could have been a disaster, but both veteran drivers saved their machines and continued on. Travis Hancock was unstoppable, out front, and cruised across the start-finish line for the victory. Dave Trute came across second, with a friendly handshake and explanation from Jeff Burroughs, as he completed the top three drivers in the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane.

The Bandit feature saw Dan Snyder (51) and Dan Bagley (49) bring the field up to speed. Snyder had lead early in this run. Bagley was busily fending off challenges from Dennis Delaney (88) and the 241 of "Fast" Eddie Klug. Klug worked by Bagley and closed in on Snyder. Snyder was not going down without a fight. Drivers shuffled for position, as the race wore on, with Gary Stark(35), Jim Lapp (96), Colton Morgan(39, and John Handeland (19) getting ever closer to the front. Steven Rozek, who won the feature the previous week, maneuvered inside and outside through the field. Dillon Hammond (75)stayed close to Rozek as he showed the way towards the front. Ali Pennel smacked the wall in turn four to slow the action. When resumed, Eddie Klug was the man in charge. Steven Rozek and Dillon Hammond were knocking on the door to get by. Rozek did manage to get to the side of Klug, but Eddie would not be denied his chance at a victory. Klug gave it everything he had and took the checkered flag for his first feature win in eight years of trying at the Dells. Steven Rozek drove his heart out, but had to take a second place run. Dillon Hammond drove a great race to complete the top three drivers in the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane.

The Late Models closed out the feature runs with Shane Morrissey(21) and Larry Schotten (31) leading the drivers to the green flag. Morrissey was quick to grab the lead as Schotten was being kept busy with Jake Zellmer(99). Zellmer gets by Schotten as he slowly falls back in the pack. Michael Sauter(5) kept in the hunt for top spot, but Zellmer refused to give up his spot. Fans had been keeping an eye on the "Rocket Man" Dan Lensing (19) as he and Davey Pennel (29)zig-zagged their way through the field. Morrissey was holding his own up front, and keeping Zellmer at bay. A light sprinkle of rain was returning to the track. Spotters were asked to find out how their drivers were doing. The heat of the exhaust and tires kept the racing surface dry enough to continue. Fans refused to take cover as the race heated up even more. Leader Morrissey now felt the presence of Dan Lensing closing in on him. He brought the always hard charging Davey Pennel with him. The laps counted down quickly as Haley Kapp(32) brought out a caution with four laps remaining, as she went for a spin in the three-four corners. The rain subsided and it was a single file, four lap shootout to the checkered flag. Morrissey hit the gas at the green and tried to pull away from Lensing. It was like Dan was welded to the Morrissey car. White flag lap, Morrissey has a bit of slip and Lensing had his mouth watering for the victory. At the checkered flag, Shane Morrissey gets his first feature win at Dells Raceway Park. The Rocket Man Dan Lensing came close but had to settle for second. Davey Pennel drove a terrific race to complete the top three drivers in the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane.

Oh we're not done yet! The Bandit Challenge Series closed out the night. Only three drivers volunteered for the night. Andrew Portzen(43), Ren Revels(0), and Dave Lembke(06) lined up side by side at the start finish line. This challenge would have the drivers go around to the back entrance to the center pit, driver around a huge end loader tire, come back to the racing surface from the old exit road and continue on to the start-finish line. The drivers jet away at the green flag. Portzen and Lembke are first to arrive at the turn for the center pit. This reporter thought he saw their feet come through the floor boards as they slammed on the brakes. Portzen got a bigger piece of the asphalt as Lembke got into some of the wet grass. Lembke spins around and Portzen takes command of the race. The intervals between the drivers almost seemed like a figure eight race, at times as one driver came off the exit road, another driver was coming around the one-corner. Andrew Portzen was unstoppable as he completed the challenge first. He has now won all five challenges set before him.

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Shane Morriesy won the 40 Late Model Feature Saturday night holding off a hard charging Dan Lensing & Davey Pennel for the win. Pat Heany from Greenfield WI won the Vintage Feature. Travis Hancock was your Feature winner in the Pure Stocks. Ed Klug won the Bandit Feature, and Andrew Portzen won the Bandit Challenge Race. Legend Feature went to Cory Talaska. A Big Thank You & to all the fans that came out!

Dells Raceway Park Results 7-27-2013

Late Model- 40 Lap Feature Results- 1-Shane Morrisey 2-Dan Lensing 3-Davey Pennel 4-Jake Zellmer 5-Michael Sauter 6-Brian Hakala 7-Shane Poehnelt 8-John DeAngelis Jr. 9-Nick Nolden 10-Corey Jankowski 11-Rich Schuman Jr. 12-Larry Schotten 13-Luke Westenburg 14-Michael Clapper 15-Kelsey Schultz 16-Hailey Kapp 17-Morgan Schissel

Dash - Shane Poehnelt

Heat Winners- 1st-Heat Kelsey Schultz / 2nd Heat- Jake Zellmer

Fast Qualifier- Rain Out (Line up by Point Ave)

Vintage- Feature Results- 1-Pat Heaney 2-Brad Carson 3-Tim Hamburg 4-Ron Wilson 5-Dick Kath 6-Tony Doherty 7-Darrell Paasch 8-Matt Ramer 9-Bill Kettle 10-John Kettle 11-Al Kath 12-Shane Heaney 13-Pat Echlin 14-Frank Slasenok Jr.

Heat Winners- 1st Heat - Brad Carson / 2nd Heat -Frank Slasenok Jr.

Fast Qualifier - Rain Out


Feature Results- 1-Ed Klug 2-Steve Rosek 3-Dillon Hammond 4-James Junget 5-John Handlen 6-Dave Treau Jr. 7-Dan Snyder 8-Colton Morgan 9-Jim Lapp 10-Dennis Delany 11-Andrew Portzen 12-Arch Preston 13-Dan Bagley 14-Dave Treau Sr. 15-Josh Mazur 16-Cody Paul 17-Gark Stark 18-Allison Pennel

Semi-Feature- 1-Aillson Pennel 2-Andrew Portzen 3-Josh Mazur 4-Cody Paul 5-John Preston 6-Kate Portzen 7-Ren Revels 8-Dave Lembke 9-Chevy Schauf 10-Grany Giesbach 11-Riley Zilmer 12-Tim Finstad

Heat Winners - 1st Heat - Cody Paul / 2nd Heat - Riley Zilmer / 3rd Heat - Gary Stark

Bandit Challenge Race - 1-Andrew Portzen 2-Dave Lembke 3-Ren Revels

Fast Qualifier- John Handlen 16.933

Pure Stock

Feature Results- 1-Travis Hancock 2-Dave Trute 3-Jeff Burrows 4-Beck Grabarski

Heat Winner- Jeff Burrows

Fast Qualifier- Dave Trute 15.696

Legend- Feature 1-Cory Talaska 2-Aaron Moyer 3-Vince Bartolota 4-Austin Kurnert 5-Kyle Vergata 6-Todd Schmidtz 7-Jeff Lechnir 8-Shelby Berlin 9-Matt Berlin

Heat -Cory Talaska

Fast Qualifier- Cory Talaska (Clean Sweep

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