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Qualifying 5:15pm
Racing 7pm

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Another exciting night of thrills and spills awaited the fans that came to Dells Raceway Park on Saturday, July 20th. The festivities started with a fantastic Color Guard presentation from area veterans. Captain Tim Forsythe introduced the participants. A twenty one gun salute was followed by a very solemn playing of taps. Brianna Forsythe sang the Nation Anthem and it was off to the races.

The first feature on the night was the CSR Super Cup cars. These little cars run four and five wide on the track. The drivers range in age from eight to fifty-two. Looks like a miniature Daytona as they ride the banks. Noah Eisenhower and Dallas Frueh led the field to the green flag. Takes them a lap or so to get up to speed, then, look out. The lead shifts back and forth as Jamie Domski grabs the top spot, then just as quickly Nathan Bertino is the new king of the hill. The laps were winding down as Jayden Cave and Brody Hays duked it out for the number one position. Cave looked like the man to beat, but Brody Hays was not done. Hays crept ever closer as the white flag gave them one more trip around the oval. Hays pulled to the side of Cave they were side by side going into the three-four corner. A drag race, to the finish line, with the fans cheering them on! At the checkered: Brody Hays by a frog's hair over Jayden Cave. Nathan Bertino followed closely behind for third. These drivers that thrilled the fans were thirteen and fourteen years old. Look out Jeff Gordon and Kyle Busch!!

The Pure Stock feature followed next. Chris Weber (97) and Jimmy Robinson (81) brought this group up to speed. Side by side action for several laps, with Weber just a touch quicker across the start finish line. These were followed Jeff Burroughs (29) and Becky Grabarski (13), neither of whom could move forward until a mistake was made up front. Robinson drifted high in the one-two corner, which gave Jeff Burroughs the chance he needed to jump into second. Burroughs looked high and low to get around Weber. One slip, by Weber, was all it took for Burroughs to shoot into the lead. He cruises to the start finish line to pick up the Pure Stock trophy. Chris Weber fought a hard battle, but had to settle for second. Quick qualifier, Travis Hancock (62) completed the top three drivers in the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane.

The Bandit semi-feature is a story I normally do not add, but this one was a thriller! The top four finishers advance to compete in the feature event. Riley Zillmer (65) and Dan Snyder (51) had the pole positions to start this race. Synder needed a few laps to break away from Zillmer. Ali Pennel (29), who is very quick, shot into second place with Dennis Delaney (88) at her side. As those two battled each other, this allowed Snyder to gain a huge lead. Andrew Portzen (43) was also in the mix for a chance at the lead. This division always keeps you guessing as what will happen next or who could take over the lead. Everyone chased after Snyder, but a little too hard. Josh Mazur (26) was coming on the outside Ali Pennel came out of turn four flying. She tangled with Mazur at the flag stand. The fans were on their feet as Pennel's car shot into the air and came driver's side down on Mazur's machine. The Pennel car rolled on to its roof and slid down the track towards turn one, where it finally came to rest. Safety crews immediately rolled into action to check on the driver. She crawled from the car a little shaken, but otherwise fine. The fans gave her a huge standing ovation after knowing her condition was going to be okay. At the end it was Dan Snyder, Dennis Delaney, Riley Zillmer, and Jim Walker that advanced to the Bandit feature. Whew!!

The Bandit division gave the fans another edge of the seat run in the feature. James Junget (27) and Dave Treau Jr (17) brought the field to the green flag. It was a see-saw battle as Junget had a touch more horse power to beat Treau across the start-finish line by a bumper. Back in the pack, quick qualifier Steven Rozek was bumpin' and bangin' with Gary Stark (35) as the two tried to better their positions. Jesse Johnson (38) was flying through the field and was up to third about half way through the twenty lap event. Treau started to fall back as he ran the outside line. Rozek and Stark took advantage of Treau's slip and shot quickly by to hunt down the leader, James Junget. Dillon Hammond (75) wanted some of the action and moved Junget even further back. Back at the front, Rozek had a hard chargin' Gary Stark right on his bumper. Stark was looking high and low to get by Rozek. Dave Treau Jr managed to get back in the fight as the laps were counting down fast. At the line: Steven Rozek takes the checkered, Gary Stark, who borrowed his sister's car and didn't put a ding on it, ended up second. Dave Treau Jr piloted his new car to a great finish for third.

The Sportsman feature had Brandon Birdsill (23) and Bic Arendsee (24) on the pole. Brandon Birdsill takes the lead at the drop of the green flag. Brad Hetzel (41) was enjoying his first night at the speedway with a second place run. The always tough Mike Winters (77) had his machine in third and was looking to better that spot as the race wore on. Bic Arendsee stayed with Birdsill for the first few laps, but had to relinquish as the outside line wouldn't hold. Spencer Wilhelm (7) kept his machine near the front, hungry for his first victory in a feature. Gerry Junget (71) worked through the pack, but just as he closed on third place runner Winters, something let loose. Junget goes around taking Mike Winters with him in the one-two corners. Mitch Lyden (21) was coming hard but found the exit ramp just in time to avoid the Junget-Winters mishap. After realignment, Brandon Birdsill felt the 41 of Hetzel sticking to his bumper. Lyden kept the Mustang hanging tough in third. Birdsill's car started fishtailing towards the end, which had Hetzel licking his chops for an easy victory. Seemed like Hetzel forgot about Lyden as Mitch was now looking to the outside for the pass. White flag lap, it was Birdsill hoping to hold off the competition as they came into the three-four corners. Lyden came out of four with his foot to the floor, he smacked the wall. Brandon Birdsill takes his second feature trophy home for the shelf. Hetzel just did hold off Lyden for second, and Mitch Lyden will need a little touch paint on the Mustang.

The Late Model feature saw Michael Clapper (15) and Kelsey Schultz (31) bring this group up to speed. Kelsey held her own for the first few laps only to fall back as the race progressed. Michael Sauter more than happy to take the vacant spot. John DeAngelis (7) had problems as he heads for the pits. A lot of banging of bumpers in the middle of the pack as Cory Jankowski seemed to be muscling his way to the front. Rich Schumann Jr (54) was working the inside and outside lines and was gaining ground on the leader. Quick qualifier Davey Pennel (29) and Nick Nolden (67) stuck with Schumann. Schumann took command of the race around the halfway mark. Nolden and Pennel had to work around former leader Michael Clapper if they wanted a shot at the lead. Once they did, Schumann was fair game. Rich was hitting his marks and looked as the race was his. Schumann drove in a little hard in the one-two corners. When he did he tapped the brakes and the car shot up the track. He regained control, but only after Nolden and Pennel scoot by. Pennel was working hard to get by Nolden but ran out of laps as Nick Nolden captured his fourth feature win of the season. Great run for Davey Pennel as he came across the finish line second. Rich Schumann was a little down with a third place finish, but you can be sure he will be back to fight another day.

To close out the evening, the School Bus Race! Eleven of these behemoths took to the track. Tom Robison (4) and Smokin' Ben Turner head the boys to the green. The diesel smoke from Turner showed the way for just a couple laps, when Tom Robinson "that's enough, I'll take it from here". Robinson drove the Bluebird bus around the track like a New York cabbie. One of the buses developed a diesel fuel leak which turned the track into an ice pond. Busses were slippin' and slidin' in all the corners. This was causing mayhem when busses were fish tailing and tapping into the walls. Fans were wondering how long before one would get tip on its side. It came close on the final lap. Leader Robinson was lapping more of the slower traffic and one the busses tagged him. He slams the wall in turn four, taking a chunk out of the concrete. Three busses, including the leader had the entire fourth turn blocked. Robinson was havin an impossible time trying to get his machine moving. Fans were cheering hard! Robinson finally gets his machine to break free and zipped across the start finish line for the hard fought victory.

Next Saturday, July 27th, more Kid's Club bike giveaways! The Late Models, Bandits, Pure Stocks and Legend cars return to give fans more edge of the seat excitement. The Vintage Car racers will be on hand to show fans how it was done in the old days. See some great looking machines from days gone by. For more information go to dellsracewaypark.com and make sure to "Like" them on Facebook.

Tonight's feature winners are Nick Nolden in the Late Models, Brandon Birdsill in the Sportsmans, Jeff Burrows in the Pure Stocks, and Steven Rozek in the Bandits. The bus race had an epic finish to the start finish line! Thank you to all the fans that came out tonight!

Dells Raceway Park Results 7-20-2013

Late Model-Color Guard 40-Lap Feature-1-Nick Nolen 2-Davel Pennel 3-Rich Schumann Jr. 4-Michael Clapper 5-Michael Sauter 6-Austin Nason 7-Kelsey Schultz 8-Brian Hakala 9-Shane Poenelt 10-Mechael Ehde 11-Corey Jankowski 12-Dave Trute 13-Randy Breunig 14-Shane Morrisey 15-Don Gaserude 16-Don Wickstrum 17-Tory Adams 18-John DeAngelis Jr.

Semi-Feature-1-Dave Trute 2-Shane Morrisey 3-Michael Ehde 4-Tory Adams 5-Natalie Decker 6-Brad Muller 7-Haley Kapp 8-Morgan Schissel 9-Jim Bates 10-Larry Schotten

Dash- Davey Pennel

Heat-#1 Tory Adams Heat #2 Shane Morrisey

Fast Qualifier- Davey Pennel 14.408

Sportsman-Feature Results- 1-Brandon Birdsill 2-Brad Hetzel 3-Mitch Liden 4-Bic Arendsee (DQ) 5-Clifton Sauey 6-Ron Grabarski 7-Gerry Junget 8-Spencer Wilhelm 9-Doug Paul 10-Mike Winters

Heat Winners- 1st Heat - Ron Grabarski

Fast Qualifier - Gerry Junget 15.280

Pure Stock-Feature Results- 1-Jeff Burrows 2-Chris Weber 3-Travis Hancock 4-Becky Grabarski 5-Jim Robinson

Heat Winner- Chris Weber

Fast Qualifier- Travis Hancock 15.918

Bandits-Feature Results- 1-Steven Rosek 2-Gark Stark 3-Dave Treu Jr. 4-Dylan Hammond (DQ) 5-Jesse Johnson 6-James Junget 7-Brandon Junget 8-Ed Klug 9-John Handlen 10-Dan Bagley 11-Colton Morgan 12-Arch Preston 13-Dennis Delany 14-Dave Treu Sr. 15-Jim Lapp 16-Dan Snyder 17-Riley Zilmer 18-Jim Walker

Heat Winners 1st - Cody Paul / 2nd Heat -Alli Pennel / 3rd Heat- Jesse Johnson

Semi-Feature- 1st Dan Snyder 2nd Dennis Delany 3rd Riley Zilmer 4th Jim Walker 5th Andrew Portzen 6th Cody Paul 7th John Preston 8th Kate Portzen 9th Tyler White 10th Josh Mazur 11th Ren Revels 12th Chevy Schauf 13th Alli Pennel

Fast Qualifier- Steven Rosek 16.972

CSR Super Cup- Feature- Brody Hays

Heat -Hayes

Fast Qualifier- Jaden Fryer 16.69

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