Fan Gates Open 4pm
Qualifying 5:15pm
Racing 7pm

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4th of July Weekend Ends With An Explosion of Excitement
A hot sunny day at Dells Raceway Park, and finally no rain in the forecast! The Late Models, Sportsman, Pure Stock, and Bandit divisions all in action for the night.

The Pure Stock was first up for the fans. Chris Weber (97) and Dean Pennel (20) showed the way to the green flag. The first few laps had good side by side racing with Weber and Pennel. Weber's car started to have handling problems as he fell off the pace. Chris ended up driving to pits, never to return. Pennel was more than happy to assume control of the race. Working from the tail end of the field were quick qualifier Travis Hancock (62) and team mate Jimmy Robison (81). Pennel seemed to have the race well in hand, but charging hard were Hancock and Robinson. Hancock works to the side of Pennel, then takes over the top spot with just a couple to go. Travis Hancock gets the checkered; Dean Pennel cruises in for second, with Jimmy Robinson completing the top three drivers.

The Bandits division was ready to run next. This group brought 32 cars on the night. One of the fastest rising divisions around. The semi-feature sent the top four drivers to compete in the feature. They included Andy Portzen (43), Arch Preston (11), Dave Treau Sr (14), and Heather Stark (93).

Jesse Johnson (38) and "Fast" Eddie Klug (241) brought this feature up to speed. Johnson had to fend off the always crafty Klug to take the lead after some great side by racing. A lot of race fans were keeping a close eye the 35 of Gary Stark. Stark started near the tail end of the field. He now holds the track record for this division and is always a threat to finish near the top.. Let's see how he did. Klug starts to drop back as John Handeland tries to close on the leader Johnson. Jim Lapp (96) was running in third and looked very strong to stay move ahead. A little bumpin' and bangin' in the pack causes a shift in positioning, allowing Gary stark to work ever closer to the front. Brandon Junget(99) was another looking to close on the front runners of Johnson and now Handeland, who sits in second. What about Stark?? Well here he comes, jetting inside and outside and up to third, as he gets by Junget. Jesse Johnson has built a huge lead and was not going to be stopped, as he wins his first ever feature at Dells Raceway Park. Gary Stark finally worked around Handeland for second as they cross the finish line, and make their way to the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane.

The Sportsman had Sandy Cook (11) and Alex Lee (31) take this group to the green flag. If you like good side by side racing, this was the one. Cook and Lee jockeying for that lead. Kevin Gilding (5) and Ron Grabarski (04) had nowhere to go until one of the leaders made a mistake. Alex Lee made the fatal error and allowed Grabarski to advance to the side of Cook's machine. Ron wasted little time getting by Cook and assumed control of the race. A nice battle brewing towards the back of the pack, between the Mustang of Dave Trute (21) and the new Camaro of Clifton Sauey (24). If you like the Ford-Chevy battle this was a great race. Back at the front, Grabarski was building a huge lead, with battle now for second was between Brandon Birdsill (23) and Mike Winters (77). Dave Trute kicks the Mustang to full bore and works around Sauey, then Birdsill, then closes on Winters. Trute finally gets by a stubborn Winters and tried everything in the arsenal to close on leader Grabarski. At the checkered it Ron Grabarski picking up his second feature trophy of the season, with Dave Trute being the bridesmaid again. Mike "Hollywood" Winters completes the top three drivers in the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane. Brandon Birdsill and Clifton Sauey rounded out the top five.

The Late Models take to the track next. A couple laps to warm up the tires and then Jim Bates (34) and Haley Kapp (32) brought the field up to speed for the green flag. Kapp falls back immediately allowing Kelsey Schultz (31) to try and stopped leader Bates. Kelsey develops problems and pulls to the infield, which gives Larry Schotten (31) a chance to battle Bates. Nick Nolden (67) and Davey Pennel (29) started deep in the field and were slowly working towards the front. Pennell, the quick qualifier on the night had his car hooked to the track and was coming hard. The always threat Cory Jankowski (31) was throwing himself in the mix as well, as he was trying to get around John DeAngelis Jr (7). Bates and Schotten start falling back allowing Nick Nolden to become "King of The Mountain". The Forty laps were flying by as Nolden had Pennel closing fast. John DeAngelis and Cory Jankowski battled each other for third. Pennel runs out of laps as Nick Nolden takes home his third feature trophy of the year. Davey Pennel gave it a valiant effort, but had to settle for second. Great racing between Jankowski and DeAngelis with Johnny "D" heading to the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane to complete the top three. Cory Jankowski and Rich Schumann Jr round out the top five drivers.

To complete the night of racing, the Bandit Challenge Series continued. This week the drivers had to take off side by side, then on the back straight, they circled around a huge end loader type tire, then continue on to the start-finish line. They made five trips around with Andy Portzen (43) continuing his domination of the Challenge Series.
Next Saturday night, July 13th the Super Late Models return for a 100 lap feature. The following Saturday, the 20th , the Bus Race returns to the track to add even more excitement to the nights events. For more information go to dellsracewaypark.com, and remember to "like" them on facebook for more info as well.

Nick Nolden won the 40 Lap North American Cup Late Model Feature from the 10th starting position. Nolden held off a hard charging Davey Pennell & a hungry John DeAngelis, Jr. for the win. Ron Grabarski was the winner in the 25 lap Sportsman Feature. Travis Hancock was your Feature winner in the Pure Stocks. Jesse Johnson held off Gary Stark to win the Bandit Feature, and Andrew Portzen won the Bandit Challenge Flag Pole Race. Bandit Lucky Draw Winners for extra $20 ea were Dan Snyder, Chevy Schauf, Steven Rosek, Andrew Portzen, & James Junget. Thank You & to all the fans that came out!

Dells Raceway Park Results 7-6-2013

Late Model
North American Cup 40 Lap Feature Results- 1-Nick Nolden 2-Davey Pennnell 3-John DeAngelis Jr. 4-Cory Jankowski 5-Rich Schumann Jr. 6-Brent Edmunds 7-Brian Hakala 8-Michael Sauter 9-Michael Clapper 10-Larry Schotten 11-Morgan Schissel 12-Haliey Kapp 13-Jim Bates 14-Kelsey Schultz

Dash - Rich Schumann Jr.

Heat Winners- Heat-Jim Bates

Fast Qualifier- Davey Pennell 14.377


Feature Results- 1-Ron Grabarski 2-Dave Trute 3-Mike Winters 4-Brandon Birdsill 5-Clifton Sauey 6-Jeff Nehkron 7-Rick Coppernoll 8-Spencer Wilhelm 9-Kevin Gelding 10-Sandy Cook 11-Bic Arendsee 12-Alex Lee 13-Rick Johnson

Heat Winners- 1st Heat - Sandy Cook / 2nd Heat -Dave Trute

Fast Qualifier - Dave Trute 15.227


Feature Results- 1-Jesse Johnson 2-Gary Stark 3-John Handlen 4-Brandon Junget 5-Steven Rosek 6-Ed Klug 7-Jim Lapp 8-Dylan Hammond 9-Chase Munns 10-Colton Morgan 11-Dylan Delany 12-Andrew Portzen 13-Ali Pennel 14-Heather Stark 15-James Junget 16-Dave Treu Sr. 17-Dennis Delany 18-Arch Preston

Semi-Feature Results - 1-Andrew Portzen 2-Arch Preston 3-Dave Treu Sr. 4-Heather Stark 5-John Preston 6-Dan Snyder 7-Riley Zilmer 8-Dan Bagley 9-David Treu Jr. 10-Katelyn Portzen 11-Mike Sherwood 12-Cody Paul 13-Josh Bisbee 14-Chevy Schauf 15-Ren Revels 16-Dillon Mackesy 17-Dave Lembke 18-Josh Mazur

Heat Winners - 1st Heat - Dan Bagley / 2nd Heat - John Preston / 3rd Heat - Chase Munns

Bandit Challenge Race - 1-Andrew Portzen 2-Arch Preston 3-Dave Lembke

Fast Qualifier- Gary Stark 17.077

Pure Stock

Feature Results- 1-Travis Hancock 2-Dean Pennell 3-Jim Robinson 4-Beck Grabarski 5-Chris Weber

Heat Winner- Dean Pennell

Fast Qualifier- Travis Hancock 15.87

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