Fan Gates Open 4pm
Qualifying 5:15pm
Racing 7pm

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A beautiful summer night for racing at Dells Raceway Park on Saturday July 14th. The Super Late Models came to town to show off the power and speed. The Sportsman, Pure Stocks, and Legend cars came to round out the field.

This is round one of the twin thirty lap features. Andrew Morrissey (39) had some major ignition problems soon after he unloaded from the hauler. The car was spittin’ and sputterin’ practice after practice. Andrew ended up on the inside pole position at the start of the race. Tim Lampman (9) sat on the outside line. At the green flag, Morrissey’s car was still a bit shaky but it was quick enough to pull away from Lampman. Lampman had a hard time trying to keep his car running smooth on the outside as he slowly fell back. Kelsey Bauer (7) had no problem keeping her machine in second place as she tried to close on Morrissey. Landry Potter (57) and Brian Johnson Jr (17) were trying everything to work around Bauer. The more they ran side by side the further away Morrissey and Bauer got. A caution flag flew for a spinning Pete Carlson (47), slowing the field down and putting them right on the bumper of Morrissey. Once again Morrissey pulled away from the pack, letting Kelsey Bauer fend for herself. At the checkered, Andrew Morrissey gets the win, with Kelsey Bauer having a great run to finish second.

The Pure Stock feature was next having Tom Luethe (Leeth-ee #50) Becky Grabarski (13) leading the pack to the green flag. Becky tried to stay with Luethe at the start, but her car couldn’t grip that outside line. As Becky falls back, Dean Pennel (29) is more than happy to fill the void. Fans kept a close eye on quick qualifier Travis Hancock (62) as he was chargin’ hard from the back of the pack. Pennel had his car to the side of Luethe at one point, but Tom refused to be passed. The laps were counting down fast and Pennel had to try everything he could to get around Luethe. Maybe a little chrome horn would do the trick. The bumpers touched just enough to send Luethe’s car near sideways coming out of turn four. Tom does some fantastic driving to get the car back in a straight line. The white flag waves for one more trip around the 1/3 mile oval. Again, Pennel tries the bump and run and again Luethe hangs on and powers to the finish line for his first feature win at Dells Raceway Park. Dean Pennel gave it everything he had, but had to settle for second. The always fast Travis Hancock made his way into the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane to complete the top three.

The Legend cars came out next for their feature event. Jeff Lechnir (50) and Todd Schmidtz (67) brought this group up to speed. It took Kyle Jusits (14) mere seconds to grab the lead in this one. One thing about watching the Legend division is the lead can change in a heartbeat as they go three wide in the corners. The 49 car of Tim Narr had to make a gear change earlier in the evening and it must have helped, because he was coming from the back of the pack to snatch the lead. That was short lived as quick qualifier Cory Talaska and Aaron Moyer (140) shot past Narr to battle each other for the lead. Moyer beat out Talaska in the heat race by a bumper. Looked like a revenge race was in the brewing. Moyer took command of the race as they neared the end. Jeff Lechnir spun coming out of turn two, as they neared the end of the race. The caution waved but the cars were still going at a fair clip. Lechnir’s driver side was exposed as the field was coming. They scattered to avoid what could have been a major catastrophe. Tim Narr sacrificed his car to the wall and ripped the fender and the right front wheel totally off. After the cleanup, Moyer and Talaska continued their battle to see who would be top dog. When the checkered flag waved, Cory Talaska out of Campbellsport heads to the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane.

The Sportsman Feature had Alex Lee (31) and Doug Paul (26) take the pack to the green flag. Doug Paul shot to the lead like he was shot out of a cannon. Lee was left to duke it out with Brandon Birdsill (23) and the 61 of Jeff Nehrkorn. Rookie Spencer Wilhem (7) had his car positioned to make a run at the front as Nehrkorn’s car slowly fell back. The always tough Mike “Hollywood” Winters added his machine to the mix. While the drivers were jockeying for position, Doug Paul continued to pull further and further away. Looked like he would have the easy win but, Clifton Sauey (24) spun out in the three-four corners. Doug Paul now had everyone right on his bumper. Didn’t seem to matter to him, though, as once again he pulled away from the field. Mike Winter and Spencer Wilhelm were working hard to catch the leader but when it was all said and done, Doug Paul wins his very first feature after twelve years of trying. The grin on his face was as wide as his car is long! Mike Winters made his way to the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane with a second place finish and Spencer Wilhelm had his best finish, of the season, with a third place run.

The finale of the night was round two of the Twin 30’s for the Super Late Models. With the cars inverted from the first, Keith Tolf (52) grabbed the early lead. Andrew Morrissey (39), who won the first feature, had to start in the back of the pack. Tolf’s car was working hard to keep the top spot as Kenny Reiser and company were looking to dethrone the King of Hill! Pete Carlson (47) was still struggling with the handling of his car, as he spun out in turn four. Once the lineup was set. The cone came out to give drivers the option to take the inside or outside line. Leader Tolf had the front all to himself when the green flag waved again. Landry Potter (57) and Josh Wallace (8) noticed Tolf getting a touch too high in the corners and pounced like lions on the hunt. Wallace quickly shoots to the lead with Potter and now Andrew Morrissey back to try and capture a second feature trophy. Another spin by Carlson slows the field with five laps to go. Josh Wallace knew that the competition behind him was excellent, but he is no stranger to the Dells track. He stayed on his marks, even though Morrissey was trying to get a wiggle out of Wallace’s car. At the checkered flag, Josh Wallace gets his first feature win at Dells Raceway Park. Andrew Morrissey came close to victory for the second time, but had to settle for second. Brian Johnson Jr battled a car with a bad push and still fought his way to a third place finish.

Next Saturday, July 20th, the Dells Late Models return with the Sportsman, Pure Stocks, Bandits, and that crazy Bandit Challenge Series The Bus Races return to add to all the excitement that is Dells Raceway Park! For more information go to dellsracewaypark.com and don’t forget to like them on Facebook.

Super Late Model Twin Feature Winners were Andrew Morrisey in the first & Josh Wallace in the second. Doug Paul was the winner in the 25 lap Sportsman Feature. Tom Luethe was your Feature winner in the Pure Stocks, & Cory Talaska was your Legends Feature Winner. Thank You to all the fans that came out!

Dells Raceway Park Results 7-13-2013

Super Late Model

Performance Parts Supply Feature #1 1-Andrew Morrisey 2-Kelsey Bauer 3-Brian Johnson Jr. 4-Josh Wallace 5-Bobby Kendall 6-Landry Potter 7-Kenny Reiser 8-Kieth Tolf 9-Frank Nitchke 10-Tim Lampman 11-Jerry Blystone 12-Pete Carlson

Performance Parts Suppy Feature #2 1-Josh Wallace 2-Andrew Morrisey 3-Brian Johnson Jr. 4-Kieth Tolf 5-Kelsey Bauer 6-Bobby Kendall 7-Landry Potter 8-Kenny Reiser 9-Tim Lampman 10-Frank Nitchke 11-Jerry Blystone 12-Pete Carlson

Dash#1-Andrew Morrisey Dash #2-Bobby Kendall

Fast Qualifier- Bobby Kendall


Feature Results- 1-Doug Paul 2-Mike Winters 3-Spencer Wilhelm 4-Scott Luck 5-Jeff Nehkorn 6-Todd Ambrose 7-Dave Trute 8-Brandon Birdsill 9-Ron Grabarski 10-Kameron Lee 11-Clifton Sauey 12-Alex Lee 13-Bic Arendsee

Heat Winners- 1st Heat – Kameron Lee / 2nd Heat –Jeff Nehkorn

Fast Qualifier – Dave Trute

Pure Stock

Feature Results- 1-Tom Luethe 2-Dean Pennell 3-Travis Hancock 4-Jimmy Robinson 5-Beck Grabarski 6-Chris Weber

Heat Winner- Tom Luethe

Fast Qualifier- Travis Hancock 16.044


Feature Results- 1-Cory Talaska 2-Aaron Moyer 3-Kyle Jusits 4-Todd Schmidtz 5-Kyle Vergata 6-Jeff Lechnir 7-Tim Navr

Heat Winner- Aaron Moyer

Fast Qualifier- Cory Talask

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