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Racing 7pm

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Fireworks Cap The Night At DRP
After two weeks of soaking downpours from Mother Nature fans and race teams were ready to have some fun at Dells Raceway Park! Oh no, here it comes again! This reporter thought we might have to cancel again as the rains threatened once again. A little drying of the track and we are off to the races!

The race programs had to be shortened because of the moisture, but there was plenty of excitement. The Legend and Bandolero's returned to make up their races from the rained out weekend before. Cory Talaska picked up right where he left off and won the Legend Feature. For the Bandolero's, 14 year old Connor Laessig won the feature event with 8 year old AJ Kreager coming in a close second.

The Pure Stock Feature was a thriller on the last couple of laps. Dave Trute (81) worked quickly to the lead with team mate Travis Hancock (62) hot on Trute's heels. Travis kept trying the high groove, but could not work past Trute. Finally, on the last lap, Hancock worked to the side of Trute's car. A drag race to the finish with Dave Trute crossing the finish line a fender ahead of Travis Hancock. Dean Pennel completed the top three in the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane.

The Bandit Feature saw a lot of bumpin' and bangin' throughout the run. At one point Steven Rozek (6) and Ali Pennel (29) got caught up in a malay that had them ride off the track in the ambulance for observation. Pennel returned to the race. Rozek will be nursing some sore muscle for a few days. When the race resumed, fans kept an eye on quick qualifier Gary Stark (35). Stark set a new track record for the division with a 16.899 second turn of the oval. Chase Munns (38) started way back in the pack, but now had the lead when racing resumed. Munns shot away at the green flag and John Handeland (19) gave chase to Chase. Handeland had his hands full with Gary Stark knocking at the door. While they battled for second, Munns pulled farther and farther away. At the checkered Chase Munns gets his first ever feature win, but it was all for naught as he failed the post race inspection. John Handeland shook off Gary Stark for second, with Stark rounding out the top three drivers.

The Sportsman feature was up next for the fans. Sandy Cook(11) and new comer, Jason Kubicz (11) led the field to the green flag. They both start falling back as Spencer Wilhelm (7) and Terry Wangsness (55) duke it out for the top spot. Spencer gets the lead, but he's running the outside line and can't hang on. He loses position as Wangsness is right behind him. This allows Rick Coppernoll to work by both and take command of the race. A couple of cautions from a spinning Mitch Lyden (21) caused everyone to stay close to Coppernoll. Rick just picked up a feature win and was hungry for number two. When racing resumed, Coppernoll continued to run smoothly up front. The battle was going to be for second place. Scott Luck (12) who started deep in the pack, had worked himself up to third and set his sights on the 55 of Wangsness. Rick Coppernoll took the checkered flag for his second feature win this season. Scott Luck's Charger propelled him to a second place finish, with Terry Wangsness, enjoying his first night at the track, completing the top three drivers.

It was a chrome horn finish for the Late Model feature! Brian Hakala (42) quickly took the lead for the forty lap feature. Hack was lookin' good up front and hoping for his first feature victory. A caution closed the gap that Hakala had created. Brian took off at the green flag and again looked unstoppable out front.

His lead was fading as Luke Westenberg (16) and John DeAngelis Jr (7) was coming hard. Another caution sealed the fate for Hakala as Johnny "D" nosed to the inside of Hack's car. Rich Schuman Jr (54), who is always a threat to win a race worked his machine behind DeAngelis Jr. The Schumanator looked to the outside of Johnny "D", the dove inside. It's coming down to the last couple of laps. Schuman muscles inside of DeAngelis and finally gets to his side. Here they come to the finish and it's Rich Schuman Jr getting another feature victory. Dave Pennel completed the top three. As the three got out their cars in the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane, this reporter thought maybe a couple of words might exchange between the first and second place finisher, but a friendly smile and a hand shake confirmed that "rubbin' is racin'"

After racing was completed, Dells Raceway Park provided the fans with a terrific fireworks display.

Next week it's the North American Cup: featuring Late Models, Sportsman, Pure Stocks, Bandits, and that wild and crazy Bandit Challenge Race!

Late Model Driver Rich Schuman Jr. won a very exciting battle over John Deangelis Jr. to win the 40 Lap Late Model Feature Sat Night. Rick Coppernoll held of Scott Luck & Newcomer Terry Wangsness to win the 25 lap Sportsman Feature. Dave Trute was your Feature winner in the Pure Stocks. Chase Munns won the Bandit Feature only to fail post race inspection, and Cory Talaska won the Legends Feature & Connor Latzig won the Midwest Bando Series Feature. Special Thank You to all the fans that came out & Race Teams who sat with us through the rain delay.

Dells Raceway Park Summary 6-29-2013

Late Model-40 Lap Feature Results- 1- Rich Schuman Jr. 2- John Deangelis Jr. 3- Davey Pennell 4- Michael Clapper 5- Nick Nolden 6- Dan Lensing 7- Larry Schotten 8- Brian Hakala 9- Luke Westenberg 10- Michael Sauter 11- Kelsey Schultz 12-Morgan Schissel 13- Jim Bates 14- Shane Morrissey 15-Haliey Kapp 16- Corey Jankowski 17- Shane Poehnelt 18- Jesse Bernhagen

Semi- Feature - 1- Kelsey Schults 2- Morgan Schissel 3- Jim Bates 4-Haliey Kapp 5- Tory Bagley 6- Natile Decker 7- Brad Muller 8- Kyle Smith 9- Craig Phillips

Dash - Rich Schuman Jr.

Heat Winners- 1st Heat - Kyle Smith / 2nd Heat - Nick Nolden

Fast Qualifier- Davey Pennell 14.341

Sportsman- Feature Results- 1- Rick Coppernoll 2- Scott Luck 3- Terry Wangsness 4- Mitch Lyden 5- Mike Winters 6- Spencer Wilhelm 7- Brandon Birdsill 8- Jason Thoma 9- Doug Paul 10- Ron Grabarski 11- Clifton Sauey 12- Sandy Cook 13- Jason Kubicz

Heat Winners- 1st Heat - Rain / 2nd Heat - Rain

Fast Qualifier - Mitch Lyden 15.137

Bandits -Feature Results- 1-Chase Munns DQ 2- John Handlen 3- Gary Stark 4- James Junget 5- Jim Lapp 6- Jesse Johnson 7- Heather Stark 8- Dylan Hammond 9- Dan Bagley 10-Ali Pennel 11-Dennis Delany 12-Devon Dixon 13-John Preston 14-Dave Treu Jr. 15-Ron Coppernoll 16-Brandon Jungett 17-Colton Morgan 18-Steven Rosek

Semi-Feature Results - 1- Ali Pennel 2- Dennis Delany 3- Heather Stark 4- Dylan Hammond

Consi Last Chance 1- Derek Dixon 2- Cody Paul

Heat Winners - 1st Heat -Rain/ 2nd Heat - Rain / 3rd Heat - Rain /4th Heat Rain

Fast Qualifier- Gary Stark 16.899 NTR

"Luck Draw Winners of $20" John Handlen, Dylan Hammond x2, Jim Lapp, Riley Zilmer

Pure Stock -Feature Results- 1-Dave Trute 2- Travis Hancock 3-Dean Pennel 4-Beck Grabarski 5-Chris Weber

Heat Winner- Rain

Fast Qualifier- Travis Hancock 15.710

Legends- Heat-Rain, Feature 1-Cory Talaska 2-Austin Kurnert 3-Allan Camasta 4-Tim Narr 5-Bryce Bailey 6-Jeff-Lechnir 7-Kyle Vergata 8-Brady Willett 9-Aaron Moyer

Midwest Bando Series Feature 1-Conner Latzig 2-AJ Kreager 3-Derek Kraus 4-Jared Duda 5-Collin Slife 6-Kaleb Winter 7-Bailey Bootz 8-Parker Retzlaff

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