Fan Gates Open 4pm
Qualifying 5:15pm
Racing 7pm

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Josh Blum Memorial Race Recap
It was Pepsi Night at Dells Raceway Park. People took the Pepsi Challenge and most were surprised at which drink they preferred!! Cost Cutters, from the Lake Delton Wal-Mart, were on hand to color some hair and tattoo the youngsters. The track also held the 2nd Annual Josh Blum Burnout Contest. There wasn't a mosquito in sight after all the smoke cleared.

Qualifying was just completed and opening ceremonies were just getting underway when Mother Nature decided to throw a little sprinkle their way. After a quick drying session Late Model and Bandit heat racing started the night. That little sprinkle they had earlier then decided to come back and dump major water on the track. The die hard fans stuck it out for a good hour while the rains slowly moved out of the area. The track was dried, remaining heat races were cancelled, and it was decided to run only the features.

The Bandit Semi-feature was first up, taking the top six drivers and advancing them to the main Bandit feature. They included Andrew Portzen(43), Josh Mazur(26), Jim Lapp(96), Dave Treau Sr(14), Colton Morgan(39), and Katelyn Portzen(2).

The Pure Stock feature cars made their way to the track next. Tom Luethe(50) and Mark Hohl(22) led the group to the green flag. Mark Hohl was a black lick through his number in remembrance of Josh Blum. Mark quickly took the lead, with Luethe's car slowly falling back in the pack. Chris Weber(97) was hanging on for second, but it Travis Hancock(62) and Jimmy Robinson(81) working their machines towards the front. Travis gets to the bumper of Hohl's car but runs out of laps, as Mark Hohl takes the checkered flag. Travis Hancock is second, with Jimmy Robinson completing the top three.

The Bandits returned to the track for their feature run. Dan Bagley(49) and John Preston(23) showed the way at the start of this feature. Josh Bisbee(13) and "Fast" Eddie Klug(241) worked on each other for the third spot. The infield was soaked from the previous rainfall and it showed when Colton Morgan(39) tried an inside pass in turn four. It looked like a Swamp Buggy race as the water flew out of turn four. Just as that happened, "Fast" Eddie Klug had an incident up front. He ended up sliding on the wet infield grass on the front straight and slammed the infield wall hard. Eddie climbed out of the smashed vehicle unscathed. He'll be a little sore for the next days, but you can count on him coming back to compete again. After quick drying session the race resumed with Kyle Stark(38) and Steven Rozek(6) shooting through the pack to jump into the top spots. Dave Treau Jr(17) kept pace with the leaders as he had James Junget(27) trying to get by. As the white flag signaled one more time around, Kyle Stark and Steven Rozek were well in command. They finished with Stark taking the checkered, Rozek had to settle for second. Dave Treau Jr cruised in for third, with Dillon Hammond(75) getting by James Junget(27) for fourth.

The Legend cars made a return to the track. Their feature was quick as Cory Talaska and Aaron Moyer pulled away from the main body of cars to dominate this one. Moyer held the top spot for a couple laps then Talaska shot by like a missile from a launch pad. Cory Talaska would never relinquish as he goes on to win. Aaron Moyer glides through for second, with Tim Narr completing the top three.

Sportsman feature is next for the fans. Brandon Birdsill(23) grabbed the early lead with Spencer Willhelm(7)
trying to hold the outside line for second. He falls back giving Ron Grabarski(04) his spot. Grabarski had to deal with Mike Winters(77) as they see-sawed back and forth. Birdsill kept increasing his lead, everyone else
tried to better their positions. Grabarski has something go wrong with his machine, as he slows way down.
Jeff Nehrkorn pilots his 61 car up to second. Winters is heading backwards as Clifton Sauey(24) and last weeks
feature winner, Rick Coppernoll(7), are coming hard. Brandon Birdsill grabs the checkered flag, Jeff Nehrkorn has a great run to finish second, Clifton Sauey is third, Rick Coppernoll hangs on for fourth, with quick qualifier
Mitch Lyden(21) completing the top five.

The Late Models closed out the Pepsi Night at the track with a bumpin' and bangin' feature run. Larry Schotten(31) and Morgan Schissel(71) led the field to the green flag. Schotten jumps to the early lead. Schissel, on the outside, tried to hang on for second. As Morgan starts to fall back Shane Morrisey(21) closes on Schotten as he takes over second. The track, still a little damp in spots, was causing the drivers to use a little caution as the maneuvered for positions. Nick Nolden(67) started fourth and had his machine glued to the track. He starts picking off the competition one by one. Back in the pack was Cory Jankowski(31). Cory seemed to be in a hurry to get to the front and wasn't afraid to use his chrome horn to gently move people out of the way. Nolden finally worked by Schotten to grab the lead. Larry kept the green machine in second with Morrisey still trying to get by. As Nolden built his lead, a quick caution slowed the pack. Once the line-up was corrected it was a ten lap shootout to the finish. Nolden didn't waste any time leaving the rest to fend for themselves. Jankowski continued to nose through the field. At the checkered, Nick Nolden is the winner, Cory Jankowski slips by Larry Schotten for second, Shane Morrisey is fourth with Luke Westeberg completing the top five.

The entire management and staff wanted to again thank all the fans the braved the soggy elements to watch the most exciting sport around. Next Saturday night the Late Models continue to thrill the fans. Speaking of thrills, the always exciting Bandits will be on hand to keep the action going with three and four wide in the corners and the Bandit Challenge series returns. The Allison Legacy cars will make an appearance, along with the Bandaleros. The Kids Club will be awarding a bunch of bikes after a couple weeks off. Enjoy the Dells fastest, most affordable family fun, at Dells Raceway Park, every Saturday night!

Dells Raceway Park Summary 6-15-2013

Late Model

Josh Blum Memorial 40 Lap Feature Results- 1- Nick Nolden 2- Corey Jankowski 3- Larry Schotten 4- Shane Morrisey 5-Luke Westenberg 6- Michael Clapper 7- John DeAngelis, Jr 8-Eric Connell 9- Davey Pannell 10- Michael Ehde 11- Jake Zellmer 12-Morgan Schissel 13-Rich Schumann Jr. 14-Dave Trute 15- Michael Sauter 16- Kelsey Schultz 17- Haliey Kapp DNS-- Shane Poehnelt, Brent Edmunds, Jim Bates, Brian Hakala.

Dash - Brent Edmunds

Heat Winners- 1st Heat - Dave Trute / 2nd Heat - Nick Nolden

Fast Qualifier- Rich Schuman Jr. 14.404


Feature Results- 1- Brandon Birdsill 2-Jeff Nehkron 3-Clifton Sauey 4-Rick Coppernoll 5-Mitch Lyden 6- Mike Winters 7- Scott Luck 8-Spencer Wilhelm 9- Ron Grabarski

Heat Winners- 1st Heat - Rain / 2nd Heat - Rain

Fast Qualifier - Mitch Lyden 15.292


Feature Results- 1-Kyle Stark 2- Steven Rosek 3- David Treu Jr. 4- Dylan Hammond 5-James Junget 6- Ali Pennel 7- Dan Bagley 8- Andrew Portzen 9- Jim Lapp 10- Dave Treau Sr. 11- John Preston 12- Colton Morgan 13- Josh Mazur 14- Katelyn Portzen 15- John Handlen 16- Chase Munze 17- Ed Klug 18-Josh Bisbee DNS Ron Coppernoll, Dylan Delany

Semi-Feature Results - 1- Andrew Portzen 2- Josh Mazur 3-Jim Lapp 4- Dave Treau Sr. 5-Colton Morgan 6- Katelyn Portzen 7- Dan Snyder 8- Riley Zilmer 9- Cody Paul 10- Justin Thomas 11- Ren Revels 12-Grant Griesbach 13- Arch Preston 14- Dave Lembke DNS Dennis Delany, Hunter Johnson

Heat Winners - 1st Heat -Arch Preston / 2nd Heat - Jim Lapp / 3rd Heat - Chase Munze

Fast Qualifier- Kyle Stark 17.079

"Luck Draw Winners of $20" Katelyn Portzen, Arch Preston, Dan Bagley, Jim Lapp, Josh Mazur

Pure Stock

Feature Results- 1-Mark Hohl 2-Travis Hancock 3- Jim Robinson 4- Jeff Burroughs 5- Tom Luethe 6- Becky Grabarski 7- Chris Weber (DQ)

Heat Winner- Rain

Fast Qualifier- Travis Hancock 15.762

Legends- Heat-Rain, Feature 1-Cory Talaska 2-Aaron Moyer 3-Tim Narr 4-Austin Kurnert 5-#51 6-Todd Schmidtz 7-Kyle Vergata 8-Jeff Lechner

Burn Out Contest- 1-Jeff Riddle 2-Ben Schwarz 3-Billy Zeman

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