Fan Gates Open 4pm
Qualifying 5:15pm
Racing 7pm

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Sportsman, Pure Stocks, and Bandits Add Big Excitement to ARCA Night at the Dells
The fans came in droves to enjoy a high powered night of racing action at the Dells Raceway Park. The ARCA Midwest Tour made their first trip back from a three year absence. The undercards, if you will, brought huge edge of the seat feature racing for all.

Let's start with the Bandit division. Fast Eddie Klug and Dylan Delany led the field to the green flag. Delany quickly shot the lead. Klug starts to fall back giving the #99 of Brandon Junget a chance to catch Delany. Birthday girl Haley Kapp kept her #32 in the mix and would be a threat through most of the race. Fans were keeping a close eye on quick qualifier Steven Rozek. He was working inside and outside quietly maneuvering through the field. John Handeland, who seems to be getting better and better every week, kept pace with Rozek. As the race progressed, Delany had built about a half track lead over the pack. He was about to have a picnic lunch when a caution flag slowed the action. The 72 of Ron Coppernoll broke and smacked the wall in the three-four corners. He heads to the pits on the hook of the Blystone wrecker. This put everybody right on the bumper of leader Dylan Delany. Rozek and Handeland were just mere feet away as the green flag resumed the action. Rozek finally gets to side of Delany, Handeland is right there to take advantage of any mistakes made by the co-leaders. Delany's car is hooking up perfectly in the corners and Rozek keeps coming. Down the back stretch with Delany having a slight edge. Into the three four corners for a drag race to the finish..Dylan Delany takes the checkered flag, with Steven Rozek second, and John Handeland completing the top three in the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane.

The Pure Stock feature no less exciting! Becky Grabarski and Bic Arendsee led this pack to the green flag. It was great side by side racing, in the early laps, between Grabarski and Arendsee. Arendsee's car slips coming out turn two and that allowed Jeff Burroughs to try and close on Grabarski. Always fighting hard for the top spot is Mark Hohl piloting his #22 to challenge Burroughs for second. This was another race where the quick qualifier, Travis Hancock, was working towards the front. Jumpin' Jimmy Robinson was staying close to Hancock. Meanwhile back at the front, Burroughs shoots past Grabarski for the lead. Grabarski, however, was far from finished with the new leader. She stays close looking for the perfect chance to pounce on Burroughs. Burroughs try to power his car a little faster to get away from Becky. Bad mistake! Burroughs slips coming out of two, Grabarski strikes like a rattle snake as she shoots past and regains her lead once again. Travis Hancock and Jimmy Robinson are now closing fast on the leader. The laps run out as Becky Grabarski takes her first feature win of the season in the Pure Stock feature. Travis Hancock is second, with Jimmy Robinson completing the top three.

Oh we're not done yet!! The Sportsman feature had the fans on their feet screaming at the finish of this one. Kevin Gilding and Jeff Nehrkorn led this pack to the green. Kevin Gilding quickly takes the lead with Nehrkorn, on the outside, falling further back. Brandon Birdsill was dueling with Mike Winters for second place and Ron Coppernoll was keeping his #7 right close to the front. Birdsill gets a little loose, as this one progressed, which gave Coppernoll a shot to close on leader Gilding. Gilding was trying everything to keep the lead, but crafty Rick Coppernoll works by. Gilding falls back in the pack, while quietly weaving through the field was the #21 of Dave Trute. Clilfton Sauey was trying to fend off Trute and Winters as the laps were counting down. Trute is now up to second with Winters getting by Gilding for third. The white flag says

"One more time around guys" Coppernoll feels Trute working to his side. They are neck and neck in the three for corner, the fans on their feet screaming, it's a drag race to the finish line, the checkered flag drops
for....Rick Coppernoll by a whisker over Dave Trute. Mike "Hollywood" Winters completes the top three in the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane. A few minutes for the fans to catch their breath, then the ARCA Midwest Tour fired up for their 100 lap feature.


# Driver Name Hometown
1 - 36 - Dan Fredrickson (TS) - Lakeville, MN
2 - 52 - Chris Wimmer (TS) - Wausau, WI
3 - 87 - Nathan Haseleu (TS) - Marshall, WI
4 - 5 - Jeremy Miller (TS) (R) - Rockton, IL
5 - 25K - Ross Kenseth - Spring Valley, IL
6 - 39 - Andrew Morrissey (TS) - DeForest, WI
7 - 78 - Skylar Holzhausen (TS) - Bangor, WI
8 - 76 - Jason Weinkauf (TS) - Merrill, WI
9 - 75W - Chris Weinkauf (TS) - Merrill, WI
10 - 42 - Dennis Prunty (R) - Knowles, WI
11 - 25S - Jeff Storm (TS) - Waterford, WI
12 - 77 - Jonathan Eilen (TS) - Hampton, MN
13 - 1B - Nick Barstad - Prior Lake, MN
14 - 45 - Rich Bickle (TS) - Edgerton, W
15 - 8G - Jacob Goede (TS) - Carver, MN
16 - 6L - Austin Luedtke - Beechwood, WI
17 - 43K - Matt Kocourek - Franklin, WI
18 - 11 - Bobby Kendall (R) - Montello, WI
19 - 58 - Cardell Potter (TS) - Camp Douglas, WI
20 - 75T - Joel Theisen - Maple Grove; MN
21 - 7B - Kelsey Bauer - West Bend, WI
22 - 22E - Chris Eggleston - Thornton, CO
23 - 4 - Thor Anderson - Bondurant, IA
24 - 5S - Travis Sauter - Prairie du Sac, WI
25 - 1S - Ed Szelagowski Jr - Westfield, WI
26 - 97 - James Swan (TS) (R) - Lake Geneva, WI

Fast Qualifier - B&B Racing Engines Fast Qualifier: 87 Nathan Haseleu (1st of 2013; 10th Career ARCAMT)


Feature Results- 1) Rick Coppernoll 2) Dave Trute 3)Mike Winters 4) Kevin Gelding 5) Clifton Sauey 6)Scott Luck 7)Todd Ambrose 8) Brandon Birdsill 9) Ron Grabarski 10) Jeff Nehrkorn 11) Spencer Wilhelm 12) Sandy Cook

Heat Winners- 1st Heat - Spencer Wilhelm / 2nd Heat - Rick Coppernoll

Fast Qualifier - Dave Trute 15.263

Bandits -

Feature Results- 1) Dylan Delany 2) Steven Rosek 3) John Handlen 4) Dylan Hammond 5) Haley Kapp 6) Brandon Junget 7) Steve Mcbride 8) Josh Bisbee 9) Jim Lapp 10) Andrew Portzen 11) Ed Klug 12) Adam Johnson 13) Josh Mazur 14) Ali Pennel 15) Heather Stark 16) Dennis Delany 17) James Junget 18) Ron Coppernoll
Semi-Feature Results - 1) Ali Pennel 2) Heather Stark 3) Dennis Delany 4) Josh Mazur 5) John Preston 6) Dave Treu, Jr 7) Riley Zilmer 8)Colton Morgan 9)Arch Preston 10) Dave Treu, Sr 11) Ren Revels 12) Katelyn Portzen 13)Dan Bagley 14) Jim Walker 15) Geoge Seliger 16) Dan Snyder 17) Dan Frye 18) Dave Lembke 19) Chevy Schoff DNS

Heat Winners - 1st Heat - Arch Preston / 2nd Heat - Dave Treu, Sr. / 3rd Heat - Heather Stark / 4th Heat - Dylan Delany

Fast Qualifier- Steven Rosek 17.212

Pure Stock -

Feature Results- 1) Becky Grabarski 2) Travis Hancock 3) Jimmy Robinson 4) Mark Hohl 5) Bic Arendsee DQ (light on scales) 6) Chris Weber 7) Travis Volm 8) Jeff Burroughs

Heat Winner- Jeff Burroughs

Fast Qualifier- Travis Hancock 15.82

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