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March 3rd, Amendment #1 2015:
  • DRP has approved the Tesar Sealed Spec Engine (Chevrolet only at this time), for use in competition in our SLM class.
  • It will run under the same guidelines as the McGunegill and Hamner sealed spec engines, and be rev controlled at 7600 RPM, with a weight rule for our weekly shows: 2750 lbs. with 2 barrel carb, and 2800 lbs. with 4 barrel carb.
  • We reserve the option to adjust weight or other parameters to maintain competitive balance with our current engine packages.
    August 11th, Amendment #6:
    To keep racing in line as much as possible, and to not force racers to major updates any more than nessessary. The Dells Raceway has to stop these things before it becomes too late.
  • Fuel Cell - must be located behind rear end
  • Rear Suspension - No bird cage set ups of any kind.
  • Rear Suspension - No part of the trailing arm mounting bracket may rotate or move
    May 28th, Amendment #5 - APPLIES OUTLAW BANDITS:
    Rules will be "opened up" to allow more modifications to the car:
  • Engine modifications allowed
  • Computer modifications allowed
  • Air intake modifications allowed
  • Suspension modifications allowed
  • Spring spacers, rubbers, adjusters allowed
  • Bump rubbers allowed
  • Sway bar modifications and preloading allowed

    Base weight for all cars will be 2450 with 45% minimum right side, (front axle weight deleted). Feature winner adds 75 lbs. for 2 weeks as spelled out in DRP Super Bandit rules.

    If questions, contact DRP tech staff.
    As of May 7th some Rule Changes:
  • As pertains to carb spacers, the top of a plenum divider (if applicable) must be flat and parallel to the top of the intake manifold. (Applies to Super Late Models, Late Models, Sportsman and Hobby Stocks.)
  • Driveshaft: 3” O.D. Aluminum driveshaft allowed with .083” minimum wall thickness. Carbon fiber driveshaft or components not allowed. Safety hoop required on front half. 2.5” O.D. Steel driveshaft allowed with .083” minimum wall thickness. In order to receive the $10 incentive and the 25 lb. weight break, the driveshaft must be: 3” minimum diameter, steel, with .083” minimum wall thickness. (Applies to Late Models)
    Late Model Drivers who choose the 604
    $75.00 to the highest finisher each night
    $25.00 to the second
    Sportsman Drivers choosing the 602
    $25.00 to the highest finisher each night
    $25.00 to the second
    It is the goal of Dells Raceway Park management to maintain the safest possible racing conditions for all drivers, fans & track personnel. Only safety crews and wrecker crews are permitted on the track in the event of an accident. Pit crew members are not permitted on the track. Drivers are required to stay in their car in the event of an on-track incident. If a driver, for whatever reason, exits a car on the track during a caution period, the race will automatically be placed under a red flag and all cars will come to a complete stop. A driver may exit a car if requested by a safety crew member or if safety warrants in cases such as a fire or if car is upside down. Drivers that exit a car without permission, for whatever reason, are subject to fine and/or suspension at the discretion of track management. Drivers are also encouraged to drop the window nets after an accident as a sign to approaching safety crew members that they are ok, especially in a multicar situation to alert approaching safety crew members which drivers are in need of urgent attention.

    Any driver wishing to “Tap Out” and give another driver his or her spot back after an on track incident may only do so on the front straightaway under the flag stand by pulling down on the checkered flag area & signaling a Tap on roof of car, Tap on their own helmet or the door, once acknowledged by the flagman, driver will be signaled to move on by the flagman & return to the end of the longest line for the restart & said driver is also cone ineligible on the restart. In some cases driver may also be disqualified by being black flagged if Track Officials view the prior contact as actions detrimental to stock car racing code of conduct.

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